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 Dress a Girl Around the World

  Imagine a  world where every girl owned at least one dress


When sewing dresses please follow our guidelines to make 'God's 

best dress for our little girls!  

 (We are no longer using pillowcases,  please  make dresses with sturdy, colorful cotton or  cotton blend fabric.)

Armhole Template - please be sure to print at 100% (smallest armhole should be approximately 4" tall by 3" wide.)

Armhole Tutorial with photos; steps below.

Armhole Steps

When printing templates above, please be sure that your printer is set up at 100% or 'actual size' when printing out the template.  We were finding that for some reason some printers were shrinking the template just a little bit.

To cut armholes, see photos above: 

Fold the 'tube' in half lengthwise with the seam at the back.  This leaves the sides of the tube ready to cut your armholes.  

Place the template on the outer edges of the folded tube and cut out the armhole from the tube to make the dress form.  

Many DAG groups have different sized templates, some only have one size template (approx 4" long x 3" wide), and when cutting larger dresses, simply move the template down 1/2"-1 1/2" so that the armhole will be longer/larger on the bigger sized dresses.  (This is not exact, and it doesn't have to be!  That's the beauty of a DAG Sundress--the ties /elastic allow for the dress to accomodate many different sized girls!)