Dress a Girl Around  World

  Imagine a  world where every girl owned at least one dress

                             Meet Our State and Local Area Representatives

These Ladies have volunteered to go to the extra effort to get our dresses collected and distributed!  They promote and connect us with other organizations, schools, clubs and churches. They are fabulous!

There are a number of you "unofficial reps" who promote us and we appreciate you more than you know! You are too numerous to mention but WE know who you are 

                    Carolyn--Northern Colorado Rep


Carolyn has been to Uganda three times with Hope 4 Kids International--dressing girls and bringing back and selling jewelry made by the widows.  

Carolyn is responsible for over 500 dresses going Uganda, Haiti, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Russia, Ukraine, Kenya, Mexico, & Guatemala



 email: carolyngriebe@yahoo.com 


 As the Northern Colorado Rep Carolyn coordinates the distribution of dresses made in her area; makes presentations around No. Colorado to churches, service clubs and school classes  and much more. 



                                   Teresa--Southern Colorado Rep!


email: 2mileshi@gmail.com 

Teresa is the contact for the Colorado Springs area and along with her other activities will be promoting Dress a Girl at the Air Force Academy.



 Teresa says: I'm a stay at home mom & wife. I've loved to sew since grade school. When I read about Dress a Girl I thought what a wonderful thing--to be able to help girls/ladies while doing something that I love. Knowing each dress may be the only one that a girl owns, I try to add a special touch so that she feels she owns something pretty to wear.

                                   Sidney--Our Chicago Rep!


I became involved with Dress A Girl after seeing the pictures of the
Ugandan children on a friend's facebook page. That inspired me to
organize a group of women in northern Illinois for our first sew-fest
in my home shortly after the quake in Haiti. We didn't know what we
were doing but we had fun doing it!

Our goal was 50 dresses...we made 127 and sent them with the Reliv
Kalogris Foundation feeding program to the children there. Our sewing
group is 30+ and the generousity of our church and others has allowed
us to send dresses,"undies", bracelets and dolls to well over 500
children in Uganda, Columbia, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru
as well as Appalichia, Kentucky, South Dakota and New Mexico.

We would love to have you join us, donate material, or carry dresses
abroad! For more information please contact Sidney at 866-730-1877 or
at smczynski@gmail.com

                                        Donna--Illinois Rep

email: miller4reliv@gmail.com

Donna lives in the Chicago area and has been on fire for Dress a Girl since the beginning. She promotes in schools, Girl Scouts, churches, and newspapers:)


Nearly 600 dresses have gone out from Donna's location to Sri Lanka, Haiti, Brazil, Tanzania, and Kenya. Donna has other clothing donations going to local organizations!


                                      Sharon--Northern California Rep


email: mmiranda627@gmail.com


 Sharon says:

I've never been this aggressive before about anything. The Lord has opened so many doors that I know this is what I am meant to do. Thank you for inviting me. I look forward to doing the best job I can. 

Sharon has helped make & distribute hundreds of dresses to Haiti, Cambodia & Kenya 


                        Meet Sophia--Indian Wells Valley, California

When I was first learning how to sew the Lord lead me to Dress A Girl Around the World. A stay at home mom of three the idea of actually being able to do something for others in need from home was a blessing. I am excited and honored to be a part of such an amazing organization helping little girls and women in need.

Email: sophia@sewsophia.com



                               Karen--Southern California Rep

 email: adamsins@cox.net






 Karen has traveled to Uganda with Hope 4 Kids International and was thrilled to dress girls at the wells and other impoverished areas.

She has been instrumental in sending well over 500 dresses to Uganda and Malawi. 

                           Mary Jo & Angels of Mercy--New York Reps


email:  designingheart@aol.com

website: www.angelsofmercyny.org 


Mary Jo & her Angels of Mercy are doing a phenomenal job in New York. They are constantly in the news for their work with Dress a Girl and have had as many as 150 women show up with sewing machines in hand.

From their base in Rochester they have made/sent/shipped over 30,000 dresses to Haiti, Peru, Nepal & France. Mary Jo says: "Our goal is to reach the ends of the earth and we are on our way!!!!"

                                    Gina--Houston Area Rep




email: ginaabdulla@yahoo.com

 Houston is fired up about Dress a Girl! Over 1000 dresses have been delivered/sent by Houston friends Robin, Helen, Rhnee, Edith & Gina.

There have been many Dress a Girl Sewing events, Birthday parties, etc.

Gina agreed to represent Houston and is collaborating with the above mentioned to manage our overwhelming response in the Houston area.

She also has a Home Ec class committed to making 200 dresses: is partnering with at least two other ministries to distribute our dresses; has involved a quilt store and promotes Dress a Girl events in Houston. 

                                Suzanne--Washington State Rep!


 email: suzannewithdressagirl@gmail.com




Suzanne is extremely creative and has been sewing for Dress a Girl since the beginning. She lives in Redmond--just outside of Seattle.

She says: "I love the fact that my hobby, sewing, can be used to help others!!  I have sewn for years and now I am touching the lives of children in areas that I have not been able to visit.  It is quite amazing!!  The ministry is growing in our area and I am so thankful to see the excitement in these ladies!!  

 blog: sewdelightful.blogspot.com

                                   Janine--Connecticut Rep!




See her blog: http://dressagirlct.blogspot.com/ 


 Janine is our newest representative and says, "It is so great to be a part of Dress a Girl.. . I am so moved by this organization, that I would like to move forward as a state representative."

We are as thrilled to have her a part of us as she is to be a part.

She sent her first shipment of dresses to India:)

Now she has connected with an organization who wants 10,000 dresses! 


 Ohio Reps--Danielle & Sue

This is how we got involved in Dress A Girl....

Written by Sue: 

I heard about Dress a Girl Around the World when I was listening to K-LOVE.  I checked out the website, watched the videos, and immediately went out to buy pillowcases.  On the way into my first store, I called Danielle from the parking lot, told her about DAG and the website, and told her, "We have to do this."  I made three dresses that night.  She was getting ready to go to the Philippines on a mission trip, but when she returned, we got together at my house with friends and relatives and started sewing.  We continue to host sewing events.  We are friends and co-workers at an elementary school and we even have our sixth grade girls sewing.  They make remarks like, "We are doing something for someone else instead of for us," and one girl now wants a sewing machine for her birthday!  We love creating the dresses and are happy to have the opportunity to help get dresses to little girls.  



                         Meet our Oregon Representative--Laura


I live in Portland Oregon with my husband and youngest daughter, and a feisty dog named Teddie.  I have 4 children and 5 grand babies.  I love to sew and read.  I work full time at our local High School in the Attendance Office. As of March 17th I am a 2 year Breast Cancer survivor.   I found Dress A Girl on the web after seeing a news blurb about dresses for Africa. After some thoughtful prayer & a quick dig in the linen closet I started my first dress, I haven't the time to look back.  I am amazed how doors open up and opportunities show them selves when you are doing God's work.  Please watch for Dress A Girl Oregon as we get up and sewing! You can contact Laura.farrell@comcast.net




                    Southern Oregon Rep--Cheryl Licht-Olson



I'm Cheryl Olson, I live in Brookings Oregon and have for the past 12 years. God opened the door for me to go on my first of what I hope will be many mission trips to Uganda where I was able to bring 108 dresses that the women in my community made with DAG sew fests. I have a great team that is working with me to expand SoDAG (Southern Oregon Dress A Girl) to other communities from Brookings to Roseburg and Medford Oregon.



                           Lisa Ward--Our North Carolina Rep!

Lisa lives in Mooresville, NC.  She says: "I have been married to my college sweetheart, Jeff, for 18 years. We have two sons. Dylan is 12 and Ethan is 10. I enjoy being a homeschool mom to our sons. I heard about DAG through a local newspaper article in March 2011. I have been sewing dresses ever since. Starting to sew dresses was a easy choice for me because I could combine my love of sewing with my passion for helping at-risk girls. I had been searching for a way I could make an eternal difference in the lives of others, gobally. After reading the article, I knew this was what I wanted to do. As I am sewing each dress, I know that I am helping to clothe and protect little girls all around the world. Seeing God provide the donations and materials need to sew dresses has been a life-changing experience. I am looking forward to sharing this ministry with others, teaching other girls and women to sew dresses, helping send dresses wherever they are needed and seeing pictures of little girls smiling in their dresses.

My FB page is Dress A Girl Around the World-North Carolina

My e-mail is littledressesnc@gmail.com


                              Karen--our Washington DC Rep!

Wearing a Dress She made:) 
Karen Atkins Purifoy is the Founder and Creative Director of A.LEWTER, an Image Management, Personal and Professional Development, and Fashion firm in Washington, DC. Ms. Purifoy is someone who makes Image and Style relevant for everyone. Incorporating Image, Fashion, and Style with the “Art of Fine Living”, Ms. Purifoy truly understands how a beautiful image begins from within. As the Founder of KAOTIK Designs Cultural Center for the Design Arts, Inc., a not-for-profit, Ms. Purifoy exposes young people to the “Art of Fine Living” by blending their inner selves with their environment to relate a self confident, vibrant, rich, and rewarding lifestyle for all. 
 Karen says: I want to serve with Dress A Girl because I truly know that Every Girl Deserves at least One Dress!  I love dresses and as a little girl from a family of 8, I had to wear hand me downs.  I grew up in the Inner City of New York and my mom was not afforded the opportunity to buy dresses for us girls.  My grandma taught me to sew at a very early age and I have not stopped making dresses since I was ten.  Every Girl truly deserves the feeling of having a dress for themselves.  I also know my true way of serving is to be a part of this cause. 
You can contact Karen at  kpurifoy@kaotikdesigns.org
Her website is www.kaotikdesigns.org 

                                        Carol--Tucson Arizona


"I was introduced to Dress a Girl in 9 months through a friend at church, Eastside Covenant of Tucson.  Since then the ministry has exploded and we have completed 313 adorable dresses and have sent "seat covers" (panties) with each one!  I truly feel called to this ministry.

My mom taught me to sew as a child, and I made most of my clothes until I became a nurse, wife and mother of 4 handsome boys - my "mighty men."  My sewing was limited to curtains, attaching Boy Scout Merit badges, Halloween costumes, and pajamas!  I now have the joy of sewing with eyelet, lace and girly pink fabrics, and exploring the clearance racks for cute t-shirts in the girl's department!  I am so excited to know that something so fun can bless little girls.  Besides sewing, I also love to swim, garden and scrapbook."

 Email: dressagirltucson@gmail.com

           Arizona--East Valley of Phoenix Area--Kerry Nickerson!

Kerry has been a supporter of Dress a Girl since we began. She participated in school sewing events and helped teach at our Dress a Girl Around the World Camp.

Kerry says: I was fortunate to meet Rachel nearly two years ago.  Dress a Girl came to my kids' school and I jumped right in to help.

It's been a blessing ever since.  We've taken Dress a Girl to churches and to homes for needy kids.
I have realized that I am the hands of God. I am His voice. I am His arms.  Won't you show others the love of Jesus by making a dress or a pair of britches for a little child across the world? 
Please contact me anytime.

Kerry Jeanne Nickerson 

                              Martha Lynn from Georgia!

Hello, I am honored to be the Dress A Girl Rep from Georgia.  I am looking forward to helping children all over the world.  As a child, I had a pen pal from Turkey which led to my getting involved in sponsoring a child. Being a Dress A Girl Around the World representative is just the next step forward.  Our Georgia MaryJanes Farmgirl Chapter was looking to do more outreach projects in 2012 and  I found your group on the internet.  The minute I saw the Dress A Girl site I knew this was just the kind of outreach program that would fit our Farmgirl chapter.  We are all sewers, knitters, and crochetters of varying stages of expertise.  When I saw the information on being a state representative, I thought I would love to be involved in this way also, so, here I am!  I am a CNA at a Home Health Agency but always felt I would be a better fit for Activities.  I am a plant person, worked in retail plant nurseries and activities in a greenhouse at a nursing home.  I am a felter and have done numerous other crafts. I look forward to working with you all to make a better world for all of us!

You can contact Martha: stitchin.chicks@yahoo.com


South Carolina Rep Donna DiMatteo Brodersen 


Donna says: "I have been a 'crafter' for years. 

"Being a part of Dress A Girl has been a blessing.  I am so thankful I have found an organization that touches women all over the world; not only for those benefiting from owning a new dress but also for the ladies who are doing the work of gathering materials and creating the dresses.  I have seen ladies take out their sewing machines that have been put away and find a new purpose for themselves.  This is a wonderful organization and I am definitely blessed being a part of it."

 You can reach Donna at   donna.brodersen@gmail.com


 Meet our Pennsylvania Rep--Marie 

Marie, shown here with her sweet daughter says:    

I have been a "crafter" for years.  I learned to sew when I was in the 5th grade (I'm 50 now so that was a longggg time ago).  I enjoy sewing and sharing my creations.  I'm also a bench jeweler.  To make a very long story short, I found myself raising my two girls alone after 7 years of marriage and needed to make an extra income somehow so I learned the skills I needed to do jewerly repairs and stone setting.  In addition to my full time job I repaired jewerly at night to make ends meet.
My girls are grown now, 29 and 26 years old.  I live in Myrtle Beach South Carolina with my husband Dave and son, Luke, who is 14.  I work full time for a group of family medicine doctors as their practice manager. 
I have been a "crafter" for years.  I learned to sew when I was in the 5th grade (I'm 50 now so that was a longggg time ago).  I enjoy sewing and sharing my creations.  I'm also a bench jeweler.  To make a very long story short, I found myself raising my two girls alone after 7 years of marriage and needed to make an extra income somehow so I learned the skills I needed to do jewerly repairs and stone setting.  In addition to my full time job I repaired jewerly at night to make ends meet.
My girls are grown now, 29 and 26 years old.  I live in Myrtle Beach South Carolina with my husband Dave and son, Luke, who is 14.  I work full time for a group of family medicine doctors as their practice manager. 
I have been a "crafter" for years.  I learned to sew when I was in the 5th grade (I'm 50 now so that was a longggg time ago).  I enjoy sewing and sharing my creations.  I'm also a bench jeweler.  To make a very long story short, I found myself raising my two girls alone after 7 years of marriage and needed to make an extra income somehow so I learned the skills I needed to do jewerly repairs and stone setting.  In addition to my full time job I repaired jewerly at night to make ends meet.
My girls are grown now, 29 and 26 years old.  I live in Myrtle Beach South Carolina with my husband Dave and son, Luke, who is 14.  I work full time for a group of family medicine doctors as their practice manager. 
I have been a "crafter" for years.  I learned to sew when I was in the 5th grade (I'm 50 now so that was a longggg time ago).  I enjoy sewing and sharing my creations.  I'm also a bench jeweler.  To make a very long story short, I found myself raising my two girls alone after 7 years of marriage and needed to make an extra income somehow so I learned the skills I needed to do jewerly repairs and stone setting.  In addition to my full time job I repaired jewerly at night to make ends meet.
My girls are grown now, 29 and 26 years old.  I live in Myrtle Beach South Carolina with my husband Dave and son, Luke, who is 14.  I work full time for a group of family medicine doctors as their practice manager. 

"I have loved to sew since I was little girl living in England, making dresses for dolls, then myself, then my own little girl, then as a seamstress and sewing instructor. I have wanted to sew for charity for a while, doing small projects now and then. 
When I found out about "Dress A Girl Around The World", I was totally intrigued and it just touched my heart. It was an answer to my prayers. As a mother of a daughter and a son, I just couldn't imagine a little girl out there with out just one dress. I was also excited for the opportunity to use some of my fabric stash and supplies and be able to make dresses for little girls again, since my children are all grown up now.
I want to make a difference in at least one little girls life and I look forward to be able to continue to be involved in this wonderful charity."


Marie can be reached at  PAdressagirl@gmail.com

Visit her beautiful blog http://padressagirl.blogspot.com/ 


 Meet Our Virginia Rep--Karen


Karen says: "My name is Karen Mills-Thomas and I live in North Garden, a small rural community in Central Virginia with my husband of 30 years and my cat. I have a large vegetable garden and I love playing in the dirt. I am a perennial student.

My grandmother taught me to hand sew when I was a child. So I?ve been sewing for at least 50 years.

I own a small business called RozyTomato. I create and sell upcycled earth- friendly kids clothes. I also sell refurbished knitting machines.

I am a Diaconal Minister UMC. Combining my call to serve as well as my passion for sewing has led me to Dress A Girl?I am so excited.

I am looking forward working, making new friends and participating in a remarkable ministry that shares tangible love with children around the world." 

Karen can be reached at DressAGirl@charlottesville.net 



                                      Eileen--Our Alaska Rep!

Hi, I'm Eileen McKenney and I have moved 13 times in the past 20 years!  I have seen several cultures and know how fortunate my family and I are.  When my second oldest daughter moved to Malawi, Africa to work as a pediatrician we went to help her get moved and settled in.  I was not ready for the dire poverty of that country.  The people are so friendly and happy yet they endure so much hardship.  With this in mind, I came across "Dress A Girl" website and knew this was the project for me to get involved in.  Making these dresses gives my friends and me a tangible way to help my daughter and the girls of Malawi!  Hope you will want to help also!
You can contact me  eidressagirl@aol.com

                           Valorie--Our Southern Nevada Rep

Valorie became involved with Dress a Girl Around the World because she wanted to find a way to use her free time in a way that would help others. Her sewing machine was collecting dust and this was a good way to put it to use!

She motivated her co-workers to get involved and has this dress rack at work for them on which to hang their completed dresses.

You can connect with Valorie on her website 

                                    Our Maryland Rep--Lisa

My name is Lisa Kreiner and I live in Thurmont Maryland. I'm a single mom and I work full time in Frederick at an Orthodontic Dental Office. I bought my first house by myself and it gives me a great sense of accomplishment! I've lived in Thurmont for two years now and I love being a part of this community. I love to sew, but I never thought I would be sewing for such a worthy cause. I am honored to be part of a wonderful organization like Dress A Girl Around The World. What a blessing to have the opportunity to make a difference in a little girls life. This program has all ready made a difference in mine. Thanksgiving to God, Lisa

Lisa can be reached at glorygownsinmd@gmail.com

                                  Meet Ingrid from West Texas

My name is Ingrid Simmons and I live in the Panhandle of Texas, Lubbock, with my husband of 25 years; my daughter, son-in-law and 3 almost grown grandchildren live here as well - Lucky Me!

My grandmother and mother always sewed and when my daughter was in high school I sewed her prom dresses and dresses for college.  I had put away my sewing machine when about 18 months ago I learned that a friend’s daughter in Houston was sewing dresses for Dress A Girl.  With grandchildren almost grown I had some time to spare, so I started sewing pillowcase dresses with actual pillowcases.  It didn’t take long to switch to fabric so my creativity could be better expressed.  I absolutely love what I do and love the people I’ve met who sew as well as those who take our dresses and distribute them to little girls in many countries.  Seeing the smile of a little girl upon receiving a dress is thrilling and knowing I’m making a difference makes the time I spend sewing dresses a time of joy and gives me a great sense of accomplishment.
You can contact me at DAGlubbock@gmail.com or visit our Facebook Page,  Dress A Girl - West Texas,  to see the exciting things that are happening in "our neck of the woods".

                                     Holli is our Idaho Rep!



I came across Dress a Girl quite a few months ago while I was searching for a pillowcase pattern dress for my niece. It wasn't for a few weeks that I stumbled upon it again and this time I checked it out and shared it with friends and family. I spent time praying and decided it was time to get involved. When I found out there wasn't a Rep in Idaho I knew fully that it wasn't chance that I stumbled upon the site. I have been busy doing research, following the trips over seas, gathering fabric and sewing. I am hoping to open a door to this portion of Hope International in my church and amongst my family and friends. As I stay busy doing this I also spend time with my son, work as a nanny watching twin boys and running my own business. I am continually thanking GOD for bringing me to the Dress a Girl site and for opening my eyes to the things I take for granted. I am excited to spread the fanciness as every girl, lady and woman deserve to feel like a princess, a child of the highest KING.

You may contact me at: dagidaho@gmail.com

                                     Bay Area Rep--Suzanne

In the last couple of years my life has taken several unexpected turns. These included a very unexpected divorce (after a long marriage), new house in a new town, new church, etc.  However, God was with me every step of the way, guiding and guarding.  In fact, one morning in my devotions early in the process, the prayer in my devotional was this:  "Holy Spirit, you know how much I hate change.  Please help me to embrace this new life that you are offering me."  I was stunned that this was part of God's plan, but that knowledge was certainly sustaining in the months to come.  One evening, sitting in my new house, praying and contemplating all the changes that had occurred and really in awe of God’s goodness to me and helping me to ‘embrace this new life that he had offered me.’  But it occurred to me that my focus had been totally on myself over those several months.  Now, I tend to be a very giving, generous person, so having taken time to focus on myself , while I knew it was necessary, was really foreign to me.  I realized that I needed to take care of myself, it seemed that it was now time to start thinking about a new ministry.  I’d been very involved in the parish in the Pleasanton church, but had given up all my areas of ministry.  So as I was praying that evening, I specifically asked God to give me a new area of ministry; and I added…oh, and, by the way, if it could be something CREATIVE, that would be SO cool!  A couple of weeks later, I stumbled across the DAG website and within a few minutes literally burst into tears, knowing that this was a DIRECT answer to prayer.  As I investigated DAG, I realized that I could sew dresses, but I am actually better an organizing events, so I chose to 'round the troops' so to speak and in the last year (our first Sew-Fest was May 2011) we have met almost monthly and made over 1000 dresses.  I'm convinced that God gives us gifts and then when we use them for His good and His glory, he doubles the blessings and we get so much joy in simply USING those gifts!  Addendum:  In an additional amazing gift from God, I reconnected with a crush from grade-school and we were married last month! Isn't God simply FULL of surprises??!

Contact Suzanne suzbeck@yahoo.com

Man's way leads to a hopeless end -- God's way leads to an endless hope!

                                  Carla Our Missouri State Rep

 The St. Louis Dress a Girl initiative started from a Girl Scout Gold Award project implemented by Alex Lambrecht.  As part of that project, Alex helped to spread the word of the need of clothing in third world countries involving well over 200 Girl Scouts in the initial effort to make 100 dresses and prayer dolls.  As part of continuing the spirit of her project, we are continuing to provide a conduit for anyone in the St. Louis Area, not just Girl Scouts, to make dresses and dolls that can be sent to third world countries.  We are working with local missionary groups to help get the dresses delivered to those areas in need.  If you live in the St. Louis area, and would like information about how to make the dresses or dolls, or have completed items that you would like to get delivered please reach out to gsstldressagirl@gmail.com


                                      Louisiana --Tracy!

I have lived in the New Orleans area all my life. I have been married for 26 years to my wonderful husband and have two grown children. I work full time in Children's Ministry . I've been sewing since I was 11. Both my grandmothers,  mother in law, grandmother in law all sewed and my mother, sister and my daughter all sew too! I heard about DAG after seeing on a website that an orphanage in Haiti that I visited this past summer were recipients of DAG dresses. I went right to DAG website and felt God leading me to be part of this organization. I'm excited about become a state rep for Louisiana and look forward to what God has in store! Someone once said "No one can do everything, but everyone can do something." I believe this is my something! Won't you join me in doing something? You can find me on facebook @ dress a girl New Orleans.
My email contact is tracy.dressagirl@gmail.com

                             Meet Joanne--Our Florida Rep


I founded Dressed In Hope, which is the Florida chapter of Dress A Girl Around The World in 2011.  In April of 2012 we were asked to join Dress A Girl Around The World and enthusiastically became a member of this  wonderful organization.
When not sewing dresses for "our little  girls" I can usually be found spending time with my husband Kevin.  I love to laugh, read,  and discover new museums around the country. 

Contact me info@dressedinhope.org


            Meet Toki--our Rep from Duke University Hospital

“Toki has been working at Duke University Hospital since 1998. She has worked with Trauma and transplant patients and currently is a Quality Manager for Cardiac Surgical patients at the Duke Heart Center. She graduated from Duke University School of Nursing with a MSN in Nursing Leadership and since then has focused on leadership as well as quality care of patients in different areas of service. She is bilingual in English and Farsi (Persian).
Toki has a few hubbies such as water color painting and sewing. She has been involved with the Dress a girl project since early 2011 and is the company Rep for Duke in this project.
You can contact her at: toki.alizadeh@duke.edu