Rocket Science Fashion Rocket Science Fashion Twin Green T-shirt & woven dresses These t-shirts came from the dollar store, and each has a skirt made from a quarter yard of fabric and a rosebud made from a scrap of t-shirt fabric. 115641725 15 Dresses So Far 2 Pillowcase dresses, 4 all-t-shirt dresses, 9 combo t-shirt and woven fabric 115642297 T-shirt dress on an Adult XL t-shirt An adult XL t-shirt is big enough to make a dress for a medium to large girl. 115642298 Cutting a dress from an Adult XL t-shirt The pattern was taken from a girl's large t-shirt. 115642299 Dress made from ONE Adult XL T-shirt This dress is about a size 10. It uses the neckline, shoulder seams and hem from the original t-shirt. Finish the sleeves with a narrow, rolled hem, then sew the underarm seams. Finish by gathering the skirt onto the waist. Use a stretch stitch. 115642300 t-shirt Dress with Spliced Skirt This dress is a size 14-16 made from one 3XL t-shirt plus the bottom of a second 3XL t-shirt spliced on for length. 117281436 t-shirt dress with A-line Skirt This dress is a size 14-16. The bodice was cut from one t-shirt, and the A-line skirt used most of the body of another in the same color. The two yellow dresses were made from 3 3XL t-shirts. 117281437 Three size 14-16 dresses The blue one is cotton calico with sleevelets cut from scraps. The other two are made from three 3XL t-shirts. 117281438