Family and Community Education Family and Community Education Padre Gregorio's parish Dresses that my church sewers made last year for Dress a Girl. We were Blessed that our Parish Priest was able to ship our 125 dresses along with his extra luggage when he returned to the Philippines last fall.. 154562131 Padre Gregorio's parish Given to the poor children of Padre's parish after Typhoon Sendong ravaged Mindanao in the Philippines in December. The typhoon and flooding left over a thousand residents dead and many more homeless. 154562132 50 dresses to the Philippines in March Three Ho"ike members of the Hilo Council of Family and Community Education delievered 50 dresses to our Mayor's office in March. A Delegation of the County of Hawaii, took items to our Sister City in Ormoc of the Philippines leaving Hilo on March 21st. This is the same area hit by the Typhoon last fall. How blessed we are to be a part of this mission and for their help in doing this. 154562356 Bagbag Elementary II Rosario, Cavite, Philippines Dresses given at the Feed the children Sunday by Rotarian International in August. 173418756 60 dress hand delievered by Alvin In August, Alvin took a suitcase of our dresses to the Philipppines. That is Alvin dressing that wee one at the Feed the Children Sunday event. 173418757 More dresses to Bagbag Elementary Massive flooding in the Philippines in Aug.prevented some of the children to attend the 1st Feed the Children Sunday during Alvin's trip. The following week, they ran out of dresses so many girls arrived, after hearing about them giving dresses. My goal, a box sent in Dec. 173419135 4-H club members at their DAG meeting. They were posing for the camera man and MC, for a segment about 4-H, on our local "Living in Paradise" TV program. At the end the MC interviewed one girl about what DAG was all about, and it will be on TV soon. 173419136 Shooting Stars 4-H One of 3 girls making their first dress. These girls already knew how to sew, and got as far as the bias tape. Feb 10 is their next meeting so know more will want to dressthegirlsaroundtheworld 173419432