Little Girls' Dresses Little Girls' Dresses On the Fence... Dresses to share with all you who have been sewing for DAG many years! I am inspired when I see your dresses, so keep posting! 183080654 Flowers and stripes The ladies at the nursing home where I work liked these colors! 183080655 I am getting better at making the bias to match. I like making a little band at the top of the dress for the elastic. The ribbon at the hemline is pink with red dots. 183080656 Fabric inspired by Museum of New Mexico (I bought it in Maine) 183080657 Fabric on these dresses have a back seam so the animals are centered on the front. I usually add two pockets but it ruined the look of these 3 dresses. 183080658 Birds, bunnies, lizards, fish, turtle... 183080659 183080660 Bright colors... I love the two fabrics...loved making the bias with my new bias gadget...what took so long for me to buy one? It was under $4.00 and makes it all sooo.. much easier! 183080661 183080662 Purple Dress The cotton fabric of this dress is handkerchief soft. I hope a little girl likes it. 183080663 The hem and ties are a coordinating fabric. 183080664 Pink, green and lavender This is a different style pattern I tried. Easy but it took much more time for me to gather the two sections of the skirt. Love the top, however. Couldn't find a coordinating fabric the day I bought this. 2 Weeks later, I did. More of this soft fabric coming later this summer. 183080666 Peasant Dress My granddaughter, who is 2, did not like this dress. I guess brown and blue are not the best choice but I hope some little girl might like it! 183080667 Pillowcase style dress I found the variegated rick rack for just 50 cents. I bought transparent thread to sew it on so that the effect was not ruined with a particular color. 183080668 Whale of a Time! This little t-shirt was purchased for $1.28 at Kohl's. I had the dot fabric on hand. I think it looks like ocean bubbles. 183080669 183080670 Pretty in Pink! Little girls I know like pink! 183080762 183080763