Cold weather dresses Cold weather dresses Fleece Dress Fleece dress with purchased knit leggings. The pattern can be found on pinterest: "Little grey dress" on "Un Petit Design" 189863711 Turtle neck collar detail This is a very easy, fast dress to make. Long sleeves and soft, warm fabric. 189863712 Sweatshirt Dress This dress was made from a ladies sweatshirt. The neckline has purchased piping and finished with the sleeve binding. I added a felt headband flower and knit "jean" leggings. 189863713 Fleece dress This is a soft, bright red/orange fabric. Purchased navy butterfly leggings. (End of the season purchase at Kohl's) 189863714 Hot pink and black This dress has hot pink polka dot leggings. The matching hat is just 3 pieces. The wool/angora hat band was cut from a upcycled sweater. The camera flash makes it look like charcoal grey but it really is black. 189863715 Deep purple dress This little fleece dress has an orange butterfly button as trim and bright red/orange leggings. Complimentary colors, bright and fun. 189922968