Nicaragua 2 2014 Nicaragua 2 2014 Our hygienist loving on one of the Special Needs girls. 190042038 Little Jarmain, one of five sisters at the home. 190042039 190042040 190042041 Arnold was our chair side assistant and also a translator. Amazing to see how they allowed the men to hug them. 190042042 This little girl was normal until she received such a severe blow to the back of her head that she will now live wheelchair bound. 190042043 190042044 190042045 190042046 When we brought the dresses in the home, the girls just clammored for them,... picking out their own favorite. 190042047 190042048 My husband, Dick, with the little 3 year old. 190042049 At this point, the 5 year old sister wanted to be held, too! 190042050 The girls have had a terrible start in life, but are loving and smiling. 190042051 190042052