Summer dresses Summer dresses This is more of that soft, soft cotton I have. In the past, I matched it with purple. Looks cute with the turquoise, too. Memorial Day sale at the Children's Place; all flip flops were $1.00. 192930651 I love fabric with dark backgrounds. 192930652 I made the coordinating flip flops. Pattern is found on Pinterest. Simply take apart inexpensive flip flops and iron on fabric using the iron on appliqué paper. 192930653 I thought I would make a "fast" dress without the top and hem contrasting fabric. BUT, when I saw how it was printed, there would have been two stripes side by side at the back seam. That was not pretty, so I added a front panel of fabric. It looks like it is all the same fabric but the small flowers are a strip down the center. The size 8 dress needed more width anyway, so it all worked in the end. 192930654 Added a little yellow to the shorts as I did not have enough blue. I have left the waistbands open in the back with a note that the elastic can be adjusted as needed. 192930655 The ladies at my nursing home loved this fabric! This dress is a half size. 192930656 I love this cheery fabric. I found these shorts at Walmart and thought I'd cheat and send them with this dress. I have finished another dress just like it . It's sitting on the sewing table with the fabric awaiting coordinating shorts 192930657 This is a size 2 dress. I made one just like it for my granddaughter. 192930658 This is a size 8 1/2. Hope a little girl will like the bright colors! 192930659 My sister found 3 yards of this turquoise dot fabric at a thrift store. A quilter must have donated it as it had finished ends and was prewashed. It matches fabrics I already have. (Please prewash all your fabrics before cutting and sewing.) 192930660