Colorado Project continued Colorado Project continued A new pattern. Easy, and no need for bias tape. 76005939 Love those bright colors. 76005940 Working together is so much fun. 76005941 Everyone had a job!! 76005942 Mary makes her first dress. 76005943 Sue, enjoyed working with everyone. 76005944 Dee and Jessie were really creative. Jessie is learning so she can makes these as a Young Woman project. Jessie made this one from her favoite pillowcase. 76005945 Colette is really creative. She made many of the first group, but we never got a picture. 76005947 Another dress finished!!!!!!!!!!!!! 76005948 Zoey, made sure Mom was doing it right. Maybe she will make me one for summer? 76005949 LeAnne shows off her first finished dress. 76005950 Jessie just kept working> 76005951 Dee shows off the dress made from an heirloom pillow case that her great grandmother had embroired. She said she just wanted to share something really special with these girls. 76006052 Lory's girls came to help and Kambry designed the one she is showing off. 76006053 The closet is filling up again. 76006054 A favorite made from scrap material. 76006056 Just had to try out a tee shirt dress. The skirt had been in my scrap box for maybe 20 years-- it will finally have a home!! 76006057 More tee shirt creations. 76006058 Everyone is different and so much fun 76006059