Carol and Friends in Colorado Carol and Friends in Colorado New idea This idea came from the book-"Dozens of ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase" You add elastic at the waist to give it more of a dress look 82853776 Humanitarian Dolls Dolls going to Jamaica 82853777 Dresses and pants ready for Jamaica 82853778 Church day Ladies making dresses for Jamaica. Sondra in the middle back will deliver the dresses. 82853779 Dresses ready for Bolivia My closet is starting to fill up again 82855810 Bandana Dress This dress was made with 2 Bandanas and a tee from WalMart that only cost $1.40. 82855811 New idea Box pleats instead of elastic. Another idea from the book. 82855812 Bright tee It is so much fun to match up tees and material. 82855813