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Blessings to little girls In Djibouti, Africa. I love my part-time job as the Dress A Girl representative from Southern California. Every so often God uses someone in my life to make a lasting impression. I never had the opportunity to meet Olga Martinez but she has impacted my life in a big way. Olga contacted me early last year about making dresses for DAG. She lived a life of service for her community and others. She and her aunt started making dresses and shortly thereafter, Olga was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer and she left this world on June 3 at 58 years old. Today I received 104 dresses from Olga's daughter Xaris--beautiful, lovingly made dresses, labeled by size and adorned with lace, buttons and pockets. Coincidence or not, I received an email this morning from a Chief Petty Officer stationed in Djiobouti, Africa. She and I have been in contact in the past and she wants 100 dresses for the local children in Djibouti as well as Ethiopia and Kenya. Olga and Stephanie will never meet. But I know God used Olga to make a lasting impression on these precious children in Africa. God Bless Olga's family, bless our military serving our country and thank you Dress A Girl for this ministry.
Olga Martinez
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