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Pocket Tutorials

Pocket Tutorials

There are many ways to make pockets!  This is just one way (our favorite) since it results in cute, sturdy pockets that are easy to sew on (when pinked, pockets can simply be sewn on with a straight or  decorative stitch without 'turning'.  This pocket template is approximately 6" x 4" ).  Consider adding 2 pockets--not only does it make the dress cuter, it gives the girls more places to hide their treasures!


If you have a way to do pockets, please email and share with us!

Placing Pockets

Placing pockets correctly is sometimes hard!  The best advice it so fold the dress is half and place the pockets just below that mid-line.  Watch the video below for a cool 'Elmer's glue' technique from (another) Rachel to help with pocket placement (and other decorative accents for your dress!)