Dress a Girl Around the World

  Imagine a world where every girl owned at least one dress

Sponsor a Woman


Sponsor A Woman

"Offer a Woman a Hand Up!"

We have a Women's Sponsorship Program available for you to participate in.  You will change the life of a woman and her family.  The ladies enter a one year program where they receive training in Math, English, Reading and Biblical Principles of Business.  They also receive gardening supplies and training in how to make a garden grow in their area.   We always have ladies available to sponsor and you may choose a lady anytime during the year.  It is a $36 per month... one year commitment.  Change lives today!!

Click here to sponsor a woman and change her destiny!

For more info email: Lisa@h4wi.org

We began our Women in Business

Sponsorship Program in 2010 by 

sponsoring six women! Since then we 

have had 655 women graduate 

from the Sponsorship Program!!

Since these women have an average of 

caring for 6 children each you have not 

only impacted the lives of 655 women 

but of 3,930 children! You are awesome!! Thank you!