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We've relocated to Forest City, Iowa!

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Rose Anne   
AZ (Phoenix)

Hello, my name is Rose Anne  and am excited to introduce myself as the Phoenix area Dress a Girl Ambassador. My husband and I moved full time to Sun City, Arizona from Washington state in 2010 after I retired from a long career in nursing at Seattle Children's Hospital.  I remain a true to the blue and green Washingtonian, Go Seahawks! And try to go “home “ to visit a least a few times a year!

    I am crafter at heart and am still an avid card maker and quilter. I started sewing in grade school, making doll clothes, then moving on to my own clothes in junior high and high school. God lead me to DAG in 2011 through a friend at my church and I have been an active participant since. Dress a Girl is a passion that I love volunteering for.  I am privileged to be blessing little girls all over the world with the beautiful dresses I and others make for them.  I was able to travel to Uganda in 2014 with Hope 4 Kids and Hope 4 Women, bring over 250 dresses with me. A highlight of that trip was dressing the sweet Ugandan girls in the dresses I had a hand in sewing! It was so much fun to bring home pictures and show the ladies at church little girls dressed in dresses they had made!

    The Phoenix DAG group meets once a month to sew, sort and size dresses. We have fun and good fellowship while working together and a yummy potluck lunch is always shared. New friends are welcome, check out the Facebook page: Dress A Girl Around The World – Phoenix for details of our next Serve Day.  A goal for 2018 is to start sewing classes at the Phoenix Dream Center, teaching the residents there how to make dresses for DAG, please pray for this project as we look ahead to next year!

Email: dagphoenix@gmail.com


AZ (Tucson)

My mom taught me to sew as a child, and I made most of my clothes until I became a nurse, wife and mother of 4 handsome boys - my "mighty men."  My sewing was limited to curtains, attaching Boy Scout Merit badges, Halloween costumes, and pajamas!  I now have the joy of sewing with eyelet, lace and girly pink fabrics, and exploring the clearance racks for cute t-shirts in the girl's department!  I am so excited to know that something so fun can bless little girls.  Besides sewing, I also love to swim, garden and scrapbook."

 Email: dressagirltucson@gmail.com

 My name is Patti Council and I live in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Born and raised in Paducah, Kentucky, my husband (Nathan) and I, along with my daughter, Kayla, moved to Arizona in 1998.  Nat and I were both raised in a church (where his father was the pastor) that taught us what the Bible says about our responsibility to loving, praying for and supporting mission work all over the world.  In our early years of marriage, we made numerous short-term mission trips to remote villages in Central America which is where my passion for working with DAG started.  My mother was a seamstress and taught me to sew at an early age.  My 'real' job is owning a store that sells beautiful evening gowns to prom and pageant girls.  It was actually one of my pageant girls that introduced me to DAG.  When girls come into my store and find the perfect evening gown for their next pageant, I see the excitement on their faces!  Since becoming involved with DAG, I like to think of each of the girls that receives one of our handmade dresses will have even more excitement when a volunteer gives her the dress that was made especially for her.  I'm honored to be a part of this organization and want to be a good steward with the gifts God has blessed us with.  When not working at my store or volunteering with DAG, I enjoy spending time with my husband, daughter and her husband, 20 month old granddaughter and we now have a baby girl on the way.  Truly Blessed.  Email: dagscottsdale@gmail.com
Lin! Sedona, Arizona!

Sedona, Arizona, home since 2002, runs on volunteerism providing every service you can think of. I’ve done trail maintenance, hiking trail patrol, fire patrol, docenting at Palatki Heritage Site and helping with the Native Plant Workshop. Can you tell I lean toward physical activity? Especially after decades of brainwork in business and industry, when I retired after turning 70, I wanted to do something simple that didn’t involve committee meetings or scheduling.


Though I hadn’t sewn in forty years, in July 2019, I searched online for “sewing charity,” thinking it might match my waning energy and complaining knees! I downloaded the measurements and armhole patterns from Dress a Girl Around the World and started sewing. I made mistakes, poked myself with pins and bled on fabrics that had to be rewashed, sewed the fronts of dresses to the backs, cut out the armholes from the bottoms of dresses and many other ingenious mistakes; I’ve made them all!


Still, donations poured in and six months later people began coming forward to help sew, measure, cut, pack, provide snacks and entertain us while we work.


Our town is known for the arts, and our volunteers enjoy creatively matching their pockets, bias tape and trim to the fabrics as much as the meditative act of sewing straight seams. What a beautiful combination! You can follow our work, see pictures and Like us on Facebook at Facebook/DAGsedona. If you’d like to contribute in any way or talk about the project, please email me, Lin Ennis, at DAGsedona@gmail.com


Donna!! Arkansas!

I learned to sew by sewing doll clothes as a child. I learned to make more complicated items in a high school home economics class. After being married and having children, I learned to make children’s clothes. I learned about Dress a Girl from my adult daughter when she told me about a missionary who took the dresses to the mission field. The Lord blessed me with a very nice sewing machine that could quilt, embroider, and do just about everything I could think of, and I began to look for ways to use my sewing machine to bless others. I have been amazed at how many ways you can use a sewing machine to help others. After retiring as a nurse in 2018, I found I had more time to use the sewing machine for projects to help people. Dress a Girl is such an important project to change lives for the better! I look forward to helping as many girls as I can.

My two favorite hobbies are sewing and camping. The most fun is taking a sewing machine camping!

Email: whiteracing2005@yahoo.com


CA (SF Bay Area)

After 32 years of marriage, my life took an unexpected turn when my husband asked for a divorce.  The next months were extremely difficult, but God was with me every step of the way, guiding and guarding.  In fact, one morning in my devotions early in the process, the prayer in my devotional was this:  "Holy Spirit, you know how much I hate change.  Please help me to embrace this new life that you are offering me."  I was stunned that this was part of God's plan, but that knowledge was certainly sustaining in the months to come.  One evening, several months later I was sitting alone in my tiny new house, praying and contemplating all the changes that had occurred and really in awe of God’s goodness to me and helping me to ‘embrace this new life that he had offered me.’  But it occurred to me that my focus had been totally on myself over those several months.  Now, it was time to start thinking about a new way to minister to other people. So I started praying that evening, specifically asking God for a new area of ministry; and I added…"oh, and, by the way, if it could be something CREATIVE, that would be SO cool!"  A few of weeks later, I stumbled across the DAG website and within a few minutes literally burst into tears, knowing that this was a DIRECT answer to prayer.  I gathered a few friends and we had our first Sew-Fest in May, 2011.  Now we have over 300 women involved and have made over 10,000 dresses.   I'm convinced that God gives us gifts and then when we use them for His good and His glory, he doubles the blessings and we get so much joy in simply USING those gifts!  Addendum:  In an additional amazing gift from God, I reconnected with a crush from grade-school and we've now been married almost 6 years! Isn't God simply FULL of surprises??!  You can find info about our DAG group at www.dressagirlsfbayarea.com or email me at  suzbeck@yahoo.com

Diana! Southbay, CA!

My name is Diana Calhoun and with my husband, Don we live in Redondo Beach, CA.  After retirement from a career in Investment Management,  a girlfriend encouraged me to learn to quilt, and thus began my love of sewing.  I was introduced to Dress a Girl in 2015 through a Bible study group that was looking for a service project, and then when our church was planning its annual service weekend, my pastor asked if I would take the lead in organizing a Dress A Girl sewing group.   

In 2017, I traveled to Uganda on a mission trip delivering new dresses and observing first-hand the joy that a new dress brings to these little girls.  This ministry has now delivered over 700 dresses directly to missions in Uganda, Mexico and Guatemala in addition to various other nations through Operation Christmas Child.

Recently, I read a book called “The Externally Focused Church” by Rick Rusaw & Eric Swanson, which God used to call me to greater service for Him.  I am excited about using the gifts and talents that God has blessed me with for His Kingdom and serving “the least of these” in His name.

Diana Calhoun

Email: sewgenerosity@gmail.com

Facebook Group: Sew Generosity.  (https://www.facebook.com/groups/280022786918318)


CA (Northern/Sacramento)

I've never been this aggressive before about anything. The Lord has opened so many doors that I know this is what I am meant to do. Thank you for inviting me. I look forward to doing the best job I can.

Sharon has been with Dress a Girl since August 2010. In that time, the Northern CA area has sent out more than 34,000 dresses to more than 42 countries. "This is my passion in life. Serving the Lord in this way is such a blessing. After seeing thousands of dresses, I never stop saying "so CUTE!" They bless the one who makes it, the one who takes it, & of course the girl who receives it!"

We've helped make & distribute hundreds of dresses to Haiti, Cambodia & Kenya.  Email me at mmiranda627@gmail.com


Charlotte & Claudia

Fresno, CA


We are Charlotte and Claudia and are super excited to be a part of Dress A Girl Around the World.  We launched in 2014 in Fresno, CA under the amazing guidance of our sister in Christ, Barbara in Santa Cruz.  Since that time our group has continued to grow and we have been blessed to be a part of planting or mentoring three other active groups in our area. 


We love Dress A Girl for the hope and joy it brings these beautiful girls in other countries and for the indescribable blessing it brings to each of us who has a hand in creating these special gifts.  You can be an accomplished seamstress, a novice or a non-sewer to help, so please come and join us so you can be a part of this wonderful ministry and be a carrier of something special created in His name for those He calls His children.

dressagirlfresno@gmail.com. affordableoriginals@comcast.net


CA (Santa Cruz)

My personal passion is to do what I can to ease the suffering of oppressed people and those living in poverty.  I’ve spent a lot of time studying about poverty, praying about poverty, reading books about poverty, and doing whatever I can to help those in poverty---particularly through short-term missions and child sponsorship.  When I discovered Dress a Girl Around the World, I realized how perfectly this ministry fit into the person I believe God created me to be.  I have been involved in many, many ministries in my life but I have never walked through SO many open doors---ever!   It is such a privilege to serve in this capacity.   I love how this ministry gives people of all ages unity of purpose.   It has also fortified my marriage.  My husband, Steven, is a Gideon Bible distributor.  This has been a marriage of our ministries as well---we have been putting little New Testaments in the pockets of our dresses to send to the countries where they are allowed.  I love how this addresses both physical AND spiritual poverty.  Our home church is very aggressive about world missions.  We have sent dresses to Zambia, South Africa, and Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, Navajo Nation, India, Tanzania, Grand Bahama Island, Nicaragua, and Ecuador as well as serving the needy in our community.  I love a quote from Wess Stafford, CEO of Compassion, International.  In his book titled “Just a Minute”,  he points out that in the heart of a child, ONE moment can last forever.  “From the stories of others I have become convinced that if God stands a child before you, for even just a minute, it is a divine appointment.  You have the chance to launch a life.  You never know when you are making a memory.” 

At Dress a Girl Around the World Santa Cruz we make our dresses “one at a time”.   We want to send the message that each dress is made with extravagant love and care and is as unique as the child who will ultimately own it. 

Email:  bestluv2u@aol.com



Precious Threads

CA (Brentwood/East Contra Costa County in the Bay Area)

As I approached 60 I knew it was time to slow down the business to allow time in my life to give back. I began the search for a ministry that I felt God was leading me to. When I was visiting  a friend that lived out of town she was telling me about "Dress a Girl Around the World". I knew within minutes that was my ministry. I started going to the sewing fests at the local chapter to me in Antioch, Ca. "The Delta Sowers". The ladies there made me feel right at home as I learned and they patiently answered all my questions for a year. What I love about this ministry is the way it touches so many women and girls of all ages both locally and globally. Whether you sew or not there are so many ways to contribute. I love the opportunity to give darling dresses to girls all over the world that may not otherwise have one. A chance to show God's love one dress at a time. In February 2016 I have opened a new chapter of Dress a Girl Around the World in my home town of Brentwood, Ca. We call ourselves "Precious Threads" and are so excited to see where God takes us on this journey. Come and join us! Email: peggywheaton@pacbell.net

Pamela!  Arroyo Grande, California!

My name is Pamela Glenn and I live Arroyo Grande on the Central Coast of California. My mom taught me to hand sew for my dolls when I was 5 years old. As I got older I made my own clothes and sewed for my home and my children. About 2 years ago I discovered that I like quilting!

Our church was introduced to Dress A Girl when a new pastor and his wife came on board.  This ministry has really captured my heart as well as many others in the church.  At our first meeting, we completed over 100 dresses, some of which had been donated by another church in varying stages of completion. As I helped organize that day I realized that this was another “God” moment in my life - I had recently prayed the prayer of Jabez to “enlarge my territory,” so when I was asked to become the coordinator of the group, I said yes. We currently meet quarterly, but that may change as our ministry expands. As I write this I have gotten word that several other churches are interested in joining the team - how awesome is God!

Email me at dressagirlagca@gmail.com
Susan! Los Osos, CA!
I have sewn since before I was ten! I loved to make doll clothes and my grandmother told me that when  I could sew with a needle and thread she would let me use her Singer treadle machine! I started my first quilt when I took geometry in High School and discovered I could make a hexagon so I made a cardboard template and started making a grandmother's flower garden quilt using my doll cloth scraps.
I made my first dresses and shorts for Africa in 2008 for a friend of a friend to take on a mission trip. I had health problems which prevented me from doing more until 2014 when a former pastor was going to an orphanage in Jinga, near Kampala Uganda. So I asked the church if I could use the hall and asked church friends and fellow quilters if they wanted to sew dresses with me. I got the guidelines and labels from Dress a Girl and we made 18 dress and 13 pair of shorts for the Jinga trip. Since then we have made and given out over 1000 dresses to Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Panama, Philippines, Bolivia and more!
Please contact me at barnonhill@aol.com

Shelley Peters

Riverside, San Bernadino, Temecula, Orange County, San Diego areas in Southern California

After going on my first ever Mission trip to Uganda with Hope 4 Kids, Int. in November of 2018 to dedicate 2 wells, and participating in the Dress a Girl Program, distributing 600 dresses among 3 villages, I got inspired and thought, “This is something I could do!”

I have been sewing since 2nd grade, that makes it 58 years,   and now have a business where I sew and sell Historical Clothing and patterns, mainly 19th  Century, and hold Historical Sewing Workshops once a month.  The parallels with the Ugandans living with no running water and no electricity seem familiar to me as a Civil War Reenactor, but I saw the extreme poverty, too, in the Tororo area.  Experiencing the smiles, joy, and dignity that the girls exhibited when they received their dresses was very heartwarming.  

On a personal note, I lost my son when he was 14 1/2 in a dirt bike accident.  He is safe in heaven now and God must have a sense of humor because I now have 5 tow-headed grandsons from my 2 daughters….. but no granddaughters to sew dresses for.   

Our church, Olive Grove Church, in Nuevo,  is planning on raising money for a 3rd Well and we plan to go back to Uganda in 2020 for the well dedication. I plan to go again, but with suitcases full of dresses this time!  I would love to encourage anyone to go as a Team Member or to help by sewing dresses with Dress a Girl!

I am in the Inland Empire/San Diego area.  Workshop days will be set up soon. Email me and join our Facebook page.


Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/276341249737929/about/

Sue Russo


(Retired)  Born and grew up in Beverly, Massachusetts then moved to Connecticut in 1969. I have two sisters that live in New England. I also have three daughters, one son-in-law, three grandsons and one granddaughter. Life has been busy. I’m a member of a local quilting guild, which is where I learned about Dress A Girl.  One of the ladies at the guild talked to me about DAG and gave me a label that she had with her.  As soon as I arrived home I checked out  DAG website.  After reading I knew this was for me.  I ordered labels and got fabric together. Then put together my first DAG event with some wonderful ladies at our campground in NH. There was lots of talking, sewing and ironing going on and we enjoyed it so much that we are making this a yearly event.   “EVERY GIRL DESERVES A DRESS” 



CT (Southern)

I discovered DAG in February of 2016 in Wells, Maine.  I was visiting my sister and she had signed us up for a Sew-A-Thon, I said great.  I had so much fun, I couldn’t wait to get home and start planning one.  I had my first Sew-a-Thon in April of 2016, and went on to hold 3 more that year.  I have met some really wonderful people at these events and happy to call them friends after sewing together and sharing a meal.

I was in the corporate world for nearly 30 years and am so happy to be out.  It is nice to be able to take the time to create a quality garment for a girl who is in need and not worry about a bottom line!

I have two grown daughters and a wonderful husband who has supported my interests and hobbies for nearly 40 years.  When not sewing I enjoy kayaking, bike riding, gardening and cooking.


Maryland! Marisa!

My name is Marisa, and I have lived in Maryland most of my life.  I am married, and we are raising four children between the ages of 4 and 15.  We keep busy with homeschool, church, and a small farmette.  As I grew up, I watched my mother sew everything from curtains to my wedding dress!  Finally, in Jan 2018, I learned to sew, and a friend told me about Dress A Girl.  I was so excited to use my new hobby for the glory of God! One of my favorite Bible passages is Isaiah 58:6-8. I believe DAG fits that message: "Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke?  Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter- when you see the naked, to clothe him, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?  Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard." I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Gail! Massachusetts!                                          

I am a recently retired school teacher who works in our local library in West Bridgewater, MA.  Ever since my sister, Kendra Arocho, introduced me to Dress a Girl Around the World, I have renewed my love of sewing and creating.  It has been a new found purpose supporting the mission of Dress a Girl.
I have a five year old granddaughter that helps Nana sew and package dresses and a five month old granddaughter that will be getting her sewing lessons as soon as she stops drooling.   I can also be reached at gmac2002a@yahoo.com 

Evelyn! Co-Ambassador MA

Hi. My name is Evie DeLutis. I live in Bridgewater, MA. I am a retired kindergarten teacher. I learned to sew at my mother's side and have always loved fabric. I learned about DAG from Gail McCarthy when visiting the library in her town of West Bridgewater, MA. I immediately fell in love with the idea and the joy it brings to young women worldwide. Several Bridgewater women jumped happily on board and we have been sewing dresses together for over 2 years. It has uplifted our spirits and formed close friendships. Gail's town and ours have now joined into one happy and creative unit.

Email: gmac2002a@yahoo.com

Michelle! Nebraska!

I’m so excited to be the Nebraska Ambassador for Dress a Girl Around the World!

Hi everyone! I’m Michelle White from Lincoln Nebraska. After a 31 year career with the Postal service I am excited to follow where God leads me. When I was praying for direction and guidance of where I could help God the most, I heard of Dress A Girl and knew this would be my passion! I enjoy playing with my grandson, sewing, golfing, spending time with my family and making people smile!

Email me at: Mwhite2991@hotmail.com

Cam and Terri! New Mexico!

Hi! We are Cam & Terri.  This group began in 2013 when Cam and her friend Maggie began building the ministry with Maggie’s daughter, Alyssa becoming the Junior Ambassador. Along with their daughters, friends, clubs, and local churches, they began making dresses.  Alyssa ran the show for a few years, holding workshops and enlisting several organizations to get involved.  Alyssa then went to college and Cam and Maggie kept the San Juan County chapter going until Maggie and her husband sadly had to relocate with his job in the summer of 2019. Dress A Girl San Juan County was so sad to see Maggie leave, but God provided throughout the transition with a wonderful group of seamstresses.
Among them is Terri, a former Home Economics teacher, who stepped up to become the new Co-Ambassador! Terri has been passionate about sewing and quilting for many years and began sewing for Dress a Girl, San Juan County in 2016.  She enjoys all aspects of Dress a Girl and getting to know other sewers.
This ministry has blossomed over the last two years with seamstresses all over the state and even into Southern Colorado and Texas.  God has provided and blessed us and we would love to hear from you if you have any questions or want to be a part of our group!
You can find more information about our group or contact us at our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DAGofSanJuanCounty/ or at our email: dressagirl.sjc@gmail.com
Dee! Co-Ambassador! Eastern New Mexico!

I sewed clothes until I retired and then started quilting. I have taught quilting classes and sewing is my passion.
I believe in Dress a Girl Around the World and the wonderful way to reach out and enrich girls lives.
Our website is  http://dressagirlnewmexico.org and our email is info@dressagirlnewmexico.org

Donna! Co-Ambassador! Eastern New Mexico!
My name is Donna. I'm a retired teacher and live in Portales, NM. I have three grown children and ten grandchildren. I learned to quilt from my grandmother at a young age and have been incredibly happy to rekindle my interest since my retirement. During the COVID quarantine 1200 fabric  masks to donate to retirement facilities as well as family and friends. My husband is an area missionary serving forty-three Baptist churches on the eastern side of our state. My hope is to make this area of our state aware of the need for DAG dresses and then fill that need. Our website is  http://dressagirlnewmexico.org and our email is info@dressagirlnewmexico.org

CO (Southern)
For a long time I looked for an opportunity to do something I would have a passion for and that would help others. One day I read in the St. Mary of Vernon Parish (Vernon Hills, IL) church bulletin about a wonderful organization led by an amazing woman named Sidney that sewed dresses for poor girls. This sounded like something I could do and I attended the first event. Since then I have fallen in love with this ministry and am honored to be part of this organization. I do not have children of my own and this is truly a blessing for me to have the opportunity to make a difference in a little girl’s life.
 We recently moved to Colorado and I want to continue my charity work. I became passionate about this ministry and found a purpose that is beyond my own dreams.  I would like to start a group of women here in Woodland Park, CO to follow a simple yet needed way to help poor girls own a dress. I will work hard to encourage people to get involved in making a difference in someone's life. If you like to sew, please join me. I would love to hear from you.
I am honored to be an ambassador for the Southern Colorado area until Teresa, who did this job before me, will join us again.
Email:   mariastepien@hotmail.com



Hello my name is Pearl and I live in southwest Washington state near the Columbia River that separates us from Oregon.  I have been sewing since an early age, took Home Economics in school, and made may own clothes.  When I was a little girl, my mother's friend, Mary Johnson sewed dresses for us twice a year at Easter and Christmas. Now I sew dresses for little girls around the world. Since joining the Dress a Girl program, I have met many talented women, some experienced quilters and some that have not sewn for a while.  You will become a better seamstress by sewing dresses of love to travel around the world. Contact me and I will try to connect you with other women who are sewing dresses for our program or guide you to start your own Dress a Girl program in your area.

FL (Jacksonville)

I  had the good fortune to be raised in a Christian family that was always involved in mission out reaches.  When I made a personal decision to trust Jesus, He gave me the same desires.
I have been married to my dear husband for 42 years.  We have 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren. My daughter told me about DAG. I was very interested, but because I was teaching at that time and didn't have the time needed to start something new, I filed the thought away.
As a retirement gift, my husband gave me a beautiful sewing room.  The stage was set. I went  to the website, found the nearest group and attended one of their sew times with a dear friend.  We came back to our church very excited with the thought we can be part of this wonderful ministry of sewing God's best dresses for His sweet needy girls.  As I have talked to others about it, God has raised up a mighty band of faithful people who are part of our ministry.  
Our dresses are sewn one at a time and they are as unique and beautiful as the girls receiving them. As we sew we pray for the girls who will receive the dress and those who  deliver  them.  It is an honor and privilege to be part of such an incredible ministry, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ one dress at a  time.  
Please visit our:   Facebook page;   Dress a Girl Pinewood
Email:  Dressagirlpinewood@gmail.com

Cindy! South Jax, Florida

After a long and successful career in the corporate world, I’m now retired and doing things I never had time for before.  I lived in Atlanta for 15 years for work but am now happy to be back home in Jacksonville, FL where I’m blessed to be able to have my Mom live with me along with my rescued dogs Mandy and Pickles.


When I first heard about DAG from my neighbor Melanie, I couldn’t believe that I’d never heard of it before. What a simple concept with such a huge impact! I’ve gone on several mission trips in my life but nothing I’ve done feels as personal as this. Your effort, your creativity, your love for children, and your love for God are all rolled up into making these dresses. When I look at a dress, I think about the little girl who will be receiving it and how it and the message of God’s love will make a difference in her life now and in her future.


I couldn’t wait to get involved and invited my Mom and sisters to get involved too. After attending several meetings, this like-minded band of women decided we needed a chapter in our area so we can help spread the word about this great ministry and offer others the opportunity to get involved. And you know what? Almost everyone approached has been interested in being involved in some way. Wow! Our God is an awesome God!


I look forward to helping to make DAG a bigger channel for reaching out to the world with the message of God’s love.

Email: cbennett562000@yahoo.com

FL (Orlando),

known as Dressed in Hope (DIH), which is part of Dress a Girl Around the World, has created an energy throughout Florida and across the country to help impoverished girls around the world. Our dynamic Orlando group has grown to over 50 volunteers. Courtesy of Village Walk, Lake Nona, Orlando, these dedicated women meet every Thursday from 10 -12 p.m. at its Town Center to create dresses and matching dolls that are “made with love.” The enthusiasm extends beyond the greater Orlando area, as we are fortunate to have talented “satellite seamstresses” in over 10 cities across the state and beyond our state line—from California to Connecticut.  These partners have delivered over 650 dresses. The Dressed in Hope group hit an exciting milestone—since 2013 it has distributed over 2,700 dresses to 15 countries. Our success is a collaborative effort—from the generous donations of beautiful fabrics and notions to the personal distribution of dresses to orphanages by groups including AirMobile Ministries, Church of Nazarene, Delta Cares, Morgan Associates, Nautique Cares, Pine Hills Church in Indiana, Reach Out to Haiti, Ryan Epps Home, the Tebow Foundation, and the University of Central Florida Burnett Honors College.

Email: christine.kraus21@gmail.com


FL (Pensacola)

My name is Susan Smith. My husband (Barry) and I live in Pensacola Florida. We moved to Florida in 2012 to escape the cold and snow of the mountains of Maryland. I have loved to sew since Middle School and prior to retirement was the owner of a sewing business fabricating custom window treatments. Barry is a retired pastor and all of the churches we served became very mission minded. I have been on and led several short term missions to Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic and have seen firsthand the great need to help children in other lands. When I discovered Dress A Girl, I knew immediately that this was God calling me to a new ministry. Barry and I plan to work hard to encourage the people of Northwest Florida to get involved in making a difference is little girls lives, providing dresses and respect to those who are often forgotten or neglected. Email:  diverdownmom@gmail.com

Georgia! Noie!

Linda and I met and became friends at Calvary Baptist Church where we are both active members.  While on a mission trip to Africa, Noie became familiar with Dress a Girl Around the World, and took dresses with her on a mission trip to Mozambique, Africa.  When Samaritan’s Purse came on the calendar at Calvary, we used DAG to build shoe boxes.  We learned at that time that the Georgia Ambassador was retiring.  Knowing how valuable this ministry is, we prayed, talked with our Pastor, and he agreed to provide facilities at Calvary for us to continue this ministry in Georgia.  We are looking forward to serving the Lord in this way.

Calvary Baptist Church address is 3105 Wildwood Drive, Brunswick, Georgia 31520.

In the picture below, Linda is on the left and I, Noie, am on the right.


HI (East)

Born in Wisconsin during the Great Depression in the 1930's, I could write a book about my life. I learned to sew at age 12, and at one time did alterations, sewed for others, worked in a fabric store and even co-owned a “Stretch and Sew” fabric store on Oahu during the 1970’s. After 57 years of marriage, 3 daughters, 9 grandchildren, and 17 great grandchildren, my spouse passed away in 2007. A couple of years later I found Dress a Girl, starting sewing dresses and spreading the work to others here in Hilo.  As a club member of Family and Community Education, FCE, I presented DAG to our Hilo Council in 2011, and not only was it accepted as one of their  projects for the past few years but this is the 2nd year it is State wide. Dress a Girl has also received 3 awards in the past 2 years, at our Annual Hilo FCE Installation/Recognition Dinner which is held every Dec.  I have met so many awesome people since I began and with their help my passion continues to grow as we dress girls around the world. Dag has given me a new purpose in life and I count my Blessings everyday that none of my family are suffering like so many others are around the world.  Jeanette "Jen" Laris   Phone: 808-895-7795 

 Email:  dressagirlaroundtheworldinhi@gmail.com


Hawai (West)

I have been sewing for  56 years, and it is my passion.  When I moved to Hawaii's Big Island 6 years ago I began sewing with the Dress A Girl group making dresses to be distributed over the world. I love the pictures of the smiling faces of the girls wearing their new dress from our Hawaii group.  I am so pleased that my passion can now produce smiles on girls who may never have a new dress or even a dress of their own.  I am blessed to have traveled to many third world countries over the years and the poverty is astounding. It is also the children who are forgotten and often start working at an early age to help support their families.  To provide something to make them feel remembered and special is a wonderful blessing to me. I am honored to be apart of this organization.


IL (Tinley Park)

Hello, my name is Diane Jones.  I am a retired educator with over 40 years of service.  Dress A Girl has opened another chapter and opportunity to continue to serve.  After reading about the ministry of DAG, and seeing the faces of the girls who were recipients, I knew this was a means to share the love of Christ in a tangible way.  I believe that each DAG dress is blessed, carrying the message of hope, worth, and unconditional love.

I learned to sew in elementary school, revisiting the art from time to time as needed.  Making my first DAG dress rekindled a spark that I had not experienced for many years.  Creating dresses that will both grace and protect little precious bodies, brings satisfaction beyond words. 

 It is an honor and great privilege to lend support to such an incredible ministry, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, one beautiful dress at a time. 



Mary! Huntley, Sun City, Illinois 

I was born and raised on a farm in Central Iowa.  I left at the age of 25 and became a flight attendant with Eastern Airlines.  I soon married and raised a family here in Illinois.  After 33 years and much research I finally finished a genealogy project on both of my parents.  I felt liberated upon its completion!

I learned to sew at an early age making doll clothes and more recently quilt making.   Before becoming involved with Dress A Girl I volunteered preparing taxes for an organization called VITA, which stands for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. 

Looking for a new challenge, I found Dress A Girl online 4 years ago and have been active ever since.  I love making these dresses with the pretty fabrics and embellishments, knowing that I’m making a difference in so many young girls’ lives.  It is my hope to go on a mission trip someday to see what joy these dresses bring.

I reside in Sun City, Huntley along with my two rescue dogs.

E-mail me at:  dressagirlmary@gmail.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com\groups\dressagirlhuntley

Vicki! Illinois Too!
I have been sewing since 1975, making clothes for myself and others and sewing everything from t-shirt quilts to wedding gowns.  While visiting a good friend in California, I was introduced to Dress a Girl and the mission.  I immediately knew it was something I wanted to be involved in.  Being a sexual abuse survivor and working with my husband to help strengthen marriages affected by past trauma, Dress a Girl is a way to prevent trauma before it happens, all the while putting my sewing skills to great use.  God is good.  All the time. All the time. God is good.

I started sewing in Junior high school. I was never a fabulous seamstress but made curtains, simple clothes and projects of all kinds. I hadn't sewn in years but I became involved in Dress a Girl in Rochester NY. It was part of an organization called Angels of Mercy which addresses the abuse & trafficking of women. They started making dresses for DAG about 7 years ago. I loved the idea and joined in the group.
 As a result of our daughter’s coaxing, last June my husband and I relocated to Des Moines, IA where she and her family live. From the day we made the decision to move, getting involved in DAG was my goal. I was driven to join a DAG group in Des Moines, to help me meet new people and make dresses for this wonderful organization. Much to my amazement, there was no such group and in fact hardly anyone had heard of it. Not to be discouraged, I decided to start a group. 
We moved into a senior independent living residence called the Reserve. With the backing of the Reserve staff, I was able to use our craft room which already had 3 vintage sewing machines and start DAG right here! We had the location; all we needed was the materials. There’s a church next door so I thought maybe we could get donated fabrics if they had any outreach programs. They invited me to speak to their ladies organization. As a result, their group gave us our first donation and the best part was that 3 of the ladies joined our monthly workshops.  We bought some fabric, had an organizing meeting in February and our first workshop in March. We're a small group, but dedicated, and within weeks we had produced 45 dresses. We had no idea where we would send the dresses but I had the faith that by the time we had enough made, we'd know.
 By this time I was sure that it was what God had in mind when he sent us to Iowa. My husband and I believe in what we call God incidences. You know, things that happen without our direction and totally out of our control. Just like stopping by the church got us our first donation. One of our neighbors told us about a friend who has been flying humanitarian trips to Haiti since the earthquake back several years ago. These friends had shown him the dresses. As it turned out he had built an orphanage that was home to 72 girls. Did we cross paths by coincidence? I don't think so! And we had our first destination, and not because of us!
After 4 months we have made almost 200 dresses and the involvement of 2 churches, a senior center and the commitment of our Drake University women’s basketball team to donate hours of community service to DAG. It’s growing faster then I ever imagined. We have been blessed in so many ways and I truly know that this is God’s plan for me. If you're anywhere in Iowa and want to get a DAG group going, contact me. I'll do whatever I can to help you get started. The real joy comes when you see photos of the smiling faces of little girls as they twirl around in their very own dress. Knowing the pride, self confidence and feeling of being beautiful, they may be experiencing for the very first time!

Julie! North East Iowa!

I grew up with my Mother teaching me how to sew at around age 12, then my Junior High & High School Home Ec. teachers took it from there!  Being tall, I made a lot of my clothes, making pants, shirts & blouses.   When my kids were little, I sewed most of their clothes, even taking apart a winter coat to make a snow suit for my daughter!  Now I do alterations for friends & relatives, sew curtains, purses, diaper bags, bibs & burp cloths & lots of dresses!

Ten years ago, a friends Grandmother told me about Dress A Girl & gave me a pattern to make a pillowcase dress.  Since I didn’t have any pillowcases, I used fabric left over from our kids, when they were little.  They turned out so cute & I was hooked!  Since Iowa winters can be cold & snowy, this is the perfect time for me to sew & in February I posted four dresses & a little write up about DAG on FB.  Gals started contacting me, even teenagers & I am giving presentations on how to make the dresses.  I feel so blessed to share & teach others my God given talent, knowing how these dresses can change a girl’s life. I love helping others, especially little kids in poor countries.

I live on a 540-acre Century Farm in NE Iowa.  We raise corn, beans, alfalfa, oats & have a 100 head black angus cow/calf operation.  I’ve been married 41 years, have 3 married children, 8 grandchildren & work part-time in a Podiatry Clinic.  Besides sewing, I help my husband on the farm, make greeting cards, love to walk, do crafts, bake, feed the birds & love spending time with family & friends.  When I retire, I plan on doing missionary work & would love to see how happy the dresses make the girls & the expressions on their faces.  There is nothing more precious than a child of God! 


Southeast Iowa Chapter!

Hello from Connie of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. I feel so fortunate to be involved with such a great group that gives of themselves! I work fulltime at the USDA/Farm Service Agency and have enjoyed my position for 33 yrs as a Program Technician. After the unexpected death of my husband of 36 yrs, I dedicated by life to GODs work! I also work with my TTT Chapter as the Camp Chairman.  TTT is a group of ladies that fund raise to send 4th grade girls to camp each year!  I love to spend any free time kayaking, camping, going to races and riding horses. I  have a grown son who is a machinist and motor builder!  I am very excited about this adventure with Dress a Girl Around the World!  Email: cj_n_b@hotmail.com



How exciting to represent DAG in the state of Kansas!  My name is Donna Waterson and I’m a retired art teacher. One afternoon my sis Shirley called to tell me about this amazing group in Ft. Collins, CO that got together once a month to make dresses for little girls throughout the world. 

Now, after I retired I prayed God would show me something I would have a passion for that would help others. This sounded like something I might be able to do, so I went to the DAG web site and the rest is history! 

O, by the way, that prayer started ten years ago! My timing and God’s timing were a little different. But of course His was perfect.

Many of my church friends come twice a month to sew in the building behind my home I taught art classes in for thirty years. This building had just sat idle for the past ten years.  Donations of sewing machines (15), more material than you can possible imagine, notions, ribbon, rick rack, thread, etc. All donated! God supplies everything!

We started sewing last fall , sending dresses, baby blankets and little boys cargo pants to Honduras in March. We’re packing now for Togo, West Africa and Guatemala. Dresses for Kenya will go in the fall. We serve an amazing God!

Visit Donna's Blog here.    Email:  dressagirlwichita@gmail.com

Mary! Sarah!
Southwestern Kansas!

Hello, we are Mary (mother) and Sarah (daughter) Mills. Sarah has been the Kansas Youth Ambassador since 2018, and is now joining me as the Southwestern Kansas Ambassador. We are both honored to be a part of this amazing ministry that empowers women through education and entrepreneurship, and protects the next generation of women (little girls) so they may reach their potential, too. 
I am enjoying serving DAG and working alongside my daughter to impact precious little girls’ lives around the world. Psalm 68:11, The Lord gives the command; the women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host/army.
Sarah, “I am looking forward to continuing my work with Dress a Girl Around the World that inspires girls to be the amazing humans that they were designed to be.” Psalm 144:12, and our daughters as corner pillars fashioned as for a palace. 

Email me: mjm101@outlook.com

Clarice, Overland Park, KS

My passion is creativity.  I’ve been sewing since I was 7 and quilting for the past 25 years.  Retired, I began looking for a volunteer opportunity where I could use my creative skills as well as teaching and organizational skills.  Early in 2018, I found Dress a Girl Around the World.  I attended my first workshop and was hooked! I hold monthly workshops in Overland Park.   Currently, my group is sewing for orphanages in Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico and Vietnam, sending 112 dresses so far, with 24 going to Peru in January 2019.  I will travel to your group to teach the dressmaking process, or talk with you about fundraising activities to support the mission.  Be prepared for the most fun you can have with your sewing machine and one yard of fabric!

 Email: coeltjen@kc.rr.com


I am Susan and live in Covington, LA with my husband Gary and two children Abby, 13 and Sophie 10.  I have been sewing since I was 14 years old and still enjoy it.  I am very excited to be apart of Dress a Girl around the World and to be able to offer my gift of sewing. God has blessed me in so many ways, that I am so glad that I can give back. I own Create a Trip Travel Agency of 20 years and work as a Real Estate Agent. I also am Louisiana State Classic Queen and Miss Heart of the USA Mrs. Division title holder and proud to have Dress a Girl around the World as my Platform.
Christie! Northeastern Louisiana !

Christie began the DAG mission project at Graceminster Presbyterian Church in 2018 with only herself and the pastor's wife. In January three more people became involved which led her to start a beginner sewing class in June 2019. There are currently three instructors, three aides and ten students who it is hoped will be involved in making these dresses.
Born and raised in Dallas, Christie has lived in Louisiana almost 40 years. She and her husband Patrick have three children and two grandchildren. When the last chick flew the coop, she returned to graduate school and  has two Master's degrees in Counseling. She worked as a substance abuse counselor.
Christie heard of the DAG mission  from her parent's church in Dallas. Since she sewed all her life, adapting her skills to the dresses was a no brainer.
Christie is a lifelong Presbyterian, having accepted Christ as her personal savior at the age of 12. She has been active in church activities including singing in the choir, teaching children's church and Sunday School, and running/teaching VBS.
Christie and Patrick will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in December, 2019.


ME (Southern ) & NH

My name is Jackie Dewey.  Dave, my husband and Lacey live in York, Maine a beautiful seacoast town.

I had a calling to this remarkable ministry in 2016.  I followed my heart and grateful for the life it has flourished into.  In meeting so many people, amazing friendships have been formed.  We have grown together in faith and as a community.  I hear from sewers frequently that their lives have also changed with new purpose and direction.

We focus on giving joy, dignity and safety to girls in need through our sewing.  Pictures we receive from completed mission trips give us pride and satisfaction.

As Mother Teresa said "We can do small things with great love".

Email: dressagirlsmaine@gmail.com


My name is Erin Davis. I'm a small town, Midwestern girl with a passion for Jesus. I was taught to sew by my mother at a young age and enjoy crafting in many different ways. My mother in law introduced me to this organization and I was instantly in love! It gave me a way to craft AND show Jesus's love to girls around the world. I went with her to my first sew-a-thon with her group in northern California and sewed my first dress. I knew then that I could bring it back home to Michigan and get others involved. I currently coordinate a girls ministry at my church and we have decided to partner together in this mission. I'm excited to help young girls here in Michigan give back to girls their own age all over the globe!
Email me: dressagirlmi@gmail.com



I started sewing for Dress A Girl early in 2014 and love doing it.  I started with some fabric and lace that my mother collected during her life, but I have added to my collection as sales happen.  I am the mother of three grown children, grandmother to 14, and great-grandmother to one. 

I lived in England for two years in the 60's.  That is where my oldest was born.  That was a very interesting experience.  

Three of my grandchildren were born in Ethiopia and adopted when they were 3 - 5 years old.  I traveled with my daughter and son-in-law to pick up the first child they adopted.  On that trip, I saw first hand the state of development of one African country.  We saw men and boys plowing fields with oxen and wooden plows.  Some areas had no electricity.  Clothes were washed in ditches running beside dirt roads.  This brought home to me that great advantages that we live with every day and take for granted.  That is part of my motivation for this ministry.  I also want to do something useful with my time and resources.

Email:  dagminnesota@gmail.com



My name is Beverly. I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. My parents instilled in me Christian values such as kindness, honesty, fairness, and volunteering which I have passed on to my children and grandchildren. I have been a FACS Teacher (Home Economics....I’m not afraid to say it!) for the last 37 years. I started teaching right out of college, and can still say, I love what I teach. I teach in an all-girls private school, in which, FACS courses are still being taught. These very important life-skills, such as cooking, sewing, child development, etc. are needed now, more than ever. My mom stayed home when my sisters and I were growing up, and was always teaching us practical skills. Young people, today, live in a completely different world. Both parents are usually working outside the home, which means family meal-times are jeopardized, and any extra time they have is usually driving their kids to and from extra-curriculum activities. It’s rare you will see a mother sitting down with her daughter, on a Saturday, teaching her how to sew!

No matter what, I always had dresses to wear. Some were store bought, but many were hand sewn. It saddens me to think that there are little girls that will never own a dress. Getting involved in “Dress a Girl Around the World” is my way of giving back. I look forward to working with this organization, and making a difference in a child’s life.

Email: facsteacher320@gmail.com



I am a wife and homeschool mom of 6 little blessings. Our family operates a small family farm in southern Missouri and my husband is also a pastor of a country church. Our family seeks to find ways in which we can serve others and show God’s love to the world which He created. I was so excited to find out about Dress A Girl Around the World and the mission opportunities it affords our family and community. I was reminded the other day of a Matthew 25:40 “Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. “ We are so blessed in our country and we take many things for granted. While our children “choose” what to wear and eat, other little ones around the world wear tattered scraps of cloth and go hungry. God honors and blessed the work of a faithful heart. We may have what seems to some as little to offer, but little is much when God is in it! We are looking forward to what God will do in Missouri! If you have any questions or want to donate your time, money or resources, please feel free to contact me!

Email:  dagmissouri@gmail.com



Duke University


Toki has been working at Duke University Hospital since 1998. She has worked with Trauma and transplant patients and currently is a Quality Manager for Cardiac Surgical patients at the Duke Heart Center. She graduated from Duke University School of Nursing with a MSN in Nursing Leadership and since then has focused on leadership as well as quality care of patients in different areas of service. She is bilingual in English and Farsi (Persian).
Toki has a few hobbies such as water color painting and sewing. She has been involved with the Dress a girl project since early 2011 and is the company Rep for Duke in this project.


I began sewing  for Dress a Girl in 2011. When I retired in 2012 as a Hospice social worker,I wondered how God would lead me to fill my days. I soon realized that I wanted to be part of Dress a girl around the world & it's worthwhile ministries.
I live with my husband of 36 years. We have 3 grown sons and 2 granddaughters, ages 3 & 17 months. I enjoy sewing and crotcheting, traveling and spending time with our  grandchildren.
I am honored to have this opportunity to serve as an ambassador for Dress a Girl.
Email:  dressagirlnc@gmail.com       Facebook

Lisa! South Carolina!
Hi I have loved to sew since childhood and had a mom who had sewing area set up and ready for action at all times ! I Am a Lic Midwife by trade and have a Doula and Midwife school (midwifetobe.com & doulatobe.com . I also lead trips yearly oversees to deliver babies in public hospitals and we bring supplies for the poor I work with local churches on the side and bring Bibles , toys , wheelchairs etc . Now we can add dresses ! I love to bring & send supplies to the poor and help others do also. I lead a 4H group and we are now focusing on sewing dresses for donations instead of just fun things for self. (Will do both) . We invite any local folks age 8-Adult to join us at the Old Dacusville Elm school (community center )1st Thurs of mo 3-5 or  3rd Sun of the mo 4-6 . We have a big classroom set up for sewing with stations for cut out, pockets, trim etc. One can do dresses from start to finish or just work on pockets for example. Hope to make kits soon too . Lisa -- 12 miles from Greenville or Easley SC


As a mother of two girls and grandmother to six granddaughters, I have a passion for all children, but especially girls. I come from a heritage of strong women, but also of strong men who respected and valued women. It breaks my heart to see any person not feeling valued and it often begins at a very early age. I can see where a pretty dress could make a difference in a young girl's self esteem and also how she is perceived by others. 
Sewing is something that has been a great hobby over the years, but recently, I have been blessed to share that joy with other young girls and their moms. When searching the Internet for simple dress patterns I stumbled upon your website. Such a simple dress, but a very obvious impact on these young girls. 
As I shared this program with others, the excitement to be a part of such a tangible way to make a difference in a girls life was contagious. We are ready to begin making dresses and excited to be a small part in a world wide outreach to make positive impact on a girl's life.  Email: kmcoddington@cox.net 



My name is Kelly,
I am a member of Messiah Lutheran Church in Oklahoma City.  I am truly blessed to be very happily married to Randy Baker for 33 years, and I am truly blessed to have 5 amazing children that are 14,16,19,21 and 24 years old. I am also truly blessed to be a part of Dress A Girl and Hope for Women!
My email is:

Michelle! Ohio!

Providing a little piece of Hope to a young girl is an amazing feeling.  By our commitment to give a little of our time and effort, we can help in the mission that “Every Girl deserves at least one dress.”   I am a mother of 5 children, 4 girls, and a boy.  I have been married for 20 years and am a follower of Christ.  I started sewing when I saw a dress that I feel in love with at an auction I did not win and was determined to make it.   After lots of classes, I made that dress.  The feeling I got with that accomplishment made me move on to the next project..and the next project…  I love being able to share my love of sewing and giving with others.  I hope you will join me and send all your beautifully made dresses so I can help distribute them to these amazing, beautiful little gifts from God. 

Visit our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/Dress-A-Girl-with-Hope-327556371081979/
Email: dressagirlohio@yahoo.com

Karen! Central Ohio!

Hi, I am Karen Heath and I live in central Ohio with my husband; we are both Christians.   We are retired, and we are so busy now that I wonder how we had time to work for a living.  Seriously, it is relaxing to have the freedom to pursue our personal interests.  We are involved with our local church where I attend the Women of Missions group and Women’s Bible Study.  I have previously taught in the Children’s Ministry.  I have also taught quilting classes at church where we donated baby quilts to the local Pregnancy Distress Centers. 

As the daughter of a professional dressmaker, I grew up in the sewing room.  I was sewing so much that at the age of nine I received my own sewing machine.  I love to make clothes, quilts, and home décor items.  A few years ago, I donated a couple of shoe boxes, with dresses, at Christmas time.   I then went on a search to find a place that would accept the clothes I make for the poorest of God’s children.  I like Dress a Girl because of their ministry and guidelines for the dresses.  I have enjoyed this ministry so much that I wanted to become more involved, so I am now an Ambassador.    If you live in central Ohio, please contact me. Email: kheath98@gmail.com

Judy - Cincinnati/Dayton Ohio area

I learned about Dress a Girl back in 2017.  I have become an empty nester and even though I still work full-time I started praying for a passion.  My pastor had been preaching on serving, giving back, using your talents and for about 5 months I had been praying for a passion. Asking, how can I make a difference?  What can I do?  One day on the news I saw an interview with a lady talking about how she made dresses for little girls in need with Dress A Girl.  I stopped what I was doing and listened. It was only about a 2 minute interview so I started researching wanting to know more. Long story short...God opened the door to my new passion and I am so very thankful.  What a blessing 2018 has been. I went to Guatemala and took 206 dresses to hand out.  I have seen God move and provide me with many God stories that I know without a doubt that this is what I am called to do.  I have met so many wonderful women who are willing to help through this ministry.  Remember, it's HOW we live our life; not how long we live. Be a blessing to others each day. For when we serve others, we serve Jesus. It is an honor and privilege to be a part of such an incredible ministry.  I am so excited to see what God has for me and the DAG Ministry this coming year.  So far I have a request for a need in Haiti. Contact me if you have any questions or are interested in helping giving HOPE one dress at a time.  I have helpers from ages 9 to 91; sewers and non-sewers alike.  Please let me know if you need an addiction because this is just the thing.  One dress gets cuter than the next and I can't stop!  Will you join me in making a difference in little girls lives around the world who may not even own a dress?


PA (Philadelphia Area Students)

My name is Michelle and I am currently a graphic design student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, but my family and home are in Torrance, California!
I taught myself how to sew in middle school while looking for a new hobby. After hand sewing several dolls, my dad suggested I invest in a sewing machine. We split the cost half and half, and sewing has been one of my greatest passions ever since.
I am so grateful that God has allowed me to find so much joy in my work, and I hope that through Dress a Girl I can help girls build confidence and grit while spreading God’s love to all His precious children.
If you are near the Philadelphia area, or you are a student looking to get involved on your campus, please feel free to reach out to me at michelle.h.kim31@gmail.com!


My favorite age to sew for is for ages two to 12 year old girls. Having five granddaughters has given me ample opportunity to be creative! They now have plenty of dresses that will be handed down to each other.

About two years ago Dee, a good friend of mine, gave me two large boxes of material. Since the Grandorables had plenty of NiniLu (they call me NINI and I added the LU that stands for LOVES YOU!) dresses, I had to find a way to use this material.

A quick search online for charitable sewing revealed the perfect answer for me. I could continue sewing for the age that I love as well as have a world wide impact.  Each DAG dress is prayed over and is made with the same care and attention to detail used to make dresses for the Grandorables.

We have a weekly workshop every Wednesday from 9-noon where we make Humanitarian Dolls and well as Dresses to send. I am ever so grateful to DAG for giving me the opportunity to make a difference.
contact email: renita0708@gmail.com
Here is my website for my sewing studio


Marie has been involved with Dress a girl since 2010. Being a seamstress all her life she had accumulated quite the fabric collection. But with a daughter grown and out of the nest. She was ready to sew for other little girls. And stubbled upon a post on face book. Starting to sew individually at first for dress a girl then hosting sewing days. It was natural that she became an ambassador in early 2011. But in April of 2011 her world turned upside down with a diagnosis of Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma stage 4. She battled through this trial with chemo and other treatments. But continued to sew and support dress a girl . Now fast forward to 2019. She is in remission from the cancer , but the treatments took their toll. But sewing and creating are great therapy. And her heart is always ingrained with Dress a girl. The process of creating , helping others create dresses and spreading the word about this wonderful organization helps so much on the road to recovery. Please contact Marie at padressagirl@gmail.com . Or Facebook at Dress a girl around the world PA chapter


As Mother Teresa said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can all do small things with great love.”
I was born in Zambia and lived there until I was 7.  As the daughter of a British banker, I was protected from many of the harsh conditions of such an impoverished country. However, I still remember the food shortages, specifically meat, and as for clothes -- forget it!  My sister and I were lucky though -- my mother knew how to sew and we never went without cute little dresses!
I’ve always loved all things girly, but as the mother of boys, I found that sugar and spice and all things nice was not the way I rolled anymore – flowers and fabric were traded in for fire trucks and football (and I wouldn’t change a thing!) – until I found Dress a Girl! Now I can pick out the pinkest and prettiest fabrics I can find and know they will make little girls somewhere smile.
I also have my own skincare business and love to watch my clients become more confident as they transform their skin. However, creating beautiful dresses that not only carry a message of hope and love to those forgotten and neglected, but more importantly, keep them safe from predators is both humbling and delightful.
The area in which I live is very service-oriented and I have high hopes for many dresses to be made here with great love. Being an ambassador for Dress a Girl around the world is a small thing I can do, and I am honored to have this opportunity to serve.
Please get in touch.
Jacquie DressAGirljj@gmail.com

Mary Jo & Angels of Mercy


Mary Jo & her Angels of Mercy are doing a phenomenal job in New York. They are constantly in the news for their work with Dress a Girl and have had as many as 150 women show up with sewing machines in hand for events.  They are going strong and have 40 locations sewing currently.

From their base in Rochester they have made/sent/shipped over 88,000 dresses to Haiti, Peru, Nepal, Cambodia & France. Mary Jo says: "Our goal is to reach the ends of the earth and we are on our way!!!!"  "God is so Great…He sends women and girls with the heart to "SEW" seeds into the lives of young ones."

Email:  designingheart@aol.com     Website

Sharon! New York

City Area!

Greetings Everyone

My name is Sharon Brown and I reside in the Long Island area in NY. 

Matthew 25:36a says  " I needed clothes and you clothed me", if you have done it to the least of these you have done it unto me.
As I serve  as an Ambassador for  'Dress a Girl Around the World" I am happy to render service to Christ. 
I am excited and honored to serve God's people through the gift God has given me. 
If you live in the surrounding area please feel free to contact me and let's work together!
Making God's best dress for He's greatest gifts to the world !

Contact me at Sewing4DAW@yahoo.com

"One dress, One girl and repeat........

Grace & Peace Sharon
I’m originally from Memphis, TN & now live in Collierville, TN with my husband, Will & our 2 little girls, Avery & Maya. We love to serve our community with our church, Believing & I have started a sewing group at Believing to help with various ministries & nonprofits, including Dress a Girl Around the World (DAG). If you are interested in sewing with us you can get more information on our church website https://believingchurch.com/. Crafting has been in my family for generations & is a daily activity in our home in some form. My mom has been teaching our family the basics of sewing along with tips & ideas since we were kids & I still call her when I have sewing questions, which is at least once a week. Haha! DAG touched my heart the moment I found out about it. Using the gifts that God has put in my life to help a little girl find dignity, happiness, & hope is simply amazing. Not only does she get a beautiful dress made with loving hands, but she also finds out that God loves her & is taking care of her & always will. That kind of gift can only be crafted by God & I’m so blessed to be a part of it!     bethanykayodom@gmail.com

Ann Marie!

TX (Dallas/Ft Worth)

I am proud to say I was born and raised an Iowa farmers daughter. I moved to Dallas,Texas, after I graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in business. I worked for many years as a career woman in sales, marketing and event planning, in particular, convention planning.  I married a Michigan farmboy when I was 43 years old and two weeks later his daughter, from a previous relationship, had our first grandchild.  So within two weeks I became a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. I could not have felt more blessed. By 50 years old my health was such that I could not work anymore and I felt a bit lost in the world. One day I was searching the Internet and simply stumbled into Dress a Girl Around the World.   Since then I have made over 270 dresses and I’m now taking on the ambassador ship for DFW. This group and the sewing I do for the little girls blesses me in so many ways and has made my life much happier. As  I sew, I  ponder what an extraordinarily joyful difference this one dress will make in a little girl’s life. I try to imagine her bursting with happiness when she receives her dress and I hope she feels pretty, special and loved. One day I hope to go on a trip to  deliver the dresses to witness the immense power of Gods love for all of us. I am blessed and proud to be a member of Dress a Girl Around the World.

Email: DAGambassadorDFW@gmail.com

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/DressAGirlAroundtheWorldDallasFortWorth


Marla! Dripping Springs, Texas!

Hi Y ‘all!  My name is Marla.  My husband of over 40 years and I have recently retired to the beautiful Texas hill country town of Dripping Springs.  We have 2 grown sons and have been blessed with 4 grandchildren that are the center of our universe.  When I’m not running around the ranch with them, I love to travel, embroider, garden, read, scrapbook and hang out with family and friends.
I come from a long line of women who sew.  I was the little girl making Barbie clothes from my grandmother’s scraps!  As a retired decorator, playing with fabrics and putting a sweet little dress together makes me “sew” happy. I was hooked on Dress A Girl as soon as I saw the beaming smiles on the girl’s faces when they got their new dresses.  I look forward to being a small part of a movement that enriches and empowers little girls, lifting them up and letting them know that they are loved.  I also look forward to meeting new friends along this journey.
Email: marlakfburl@gmail.com
Valeri! Cypress,


I am Valeri Morris. I live in Cypress Texas with my husband of 30 years, Garry and our beloved Weimaraner, Lily. I have been a flight attendant for 20 years with Southwest Airlines, a company that is a blessing in so many ways. They have a wonderful outreach program "Tickets For Time", that allows me to log all of the hours I devote sewing dresses to benefit Hope 4 Women International with periodic travel benefits. I have sewn since I was a little girl. I started in 4H, made some of my own clothes, some dresses for my granddaughters & have made a few fashion show garments as well. I am also a quilter and love that creative outlet as well. Sewing has always given me pleasure but sewing to benefit this organization gives me something much greater...JOY!


TX (Houston)

I was sitting alone feeling a sense of incompleteness, when I was watching the news
August 10, 2010. Channel 13 in Houston aired a news special about a group of people sewing pillowcase dresses for girls around the world. "I could do that!"
Making a difference in the life of a girl whose eyes light up just to own a new dress inspired me to call the Dress A Girl contact. I joined and committed myself to this project to initially make 300 dresses that very night. I was excited to use my limited sewing abilities to a cause that was meaningful, simple to do, and at the same time contribute to making a difference in this world and to bless the life of a child.
I joined the Dress A Girl community in 2010. We have two Sewfest a year; one in the fall and one in the spring. I've met so many wonderful people sewing, volunteering, delivering and working together for a common good.  The community spirit and excitement fuels the energy at each Sewfest! I truly love sewing and to see your dress somewhere on the other side of the world is a feeling of joy I can't describe!
To date, we've made 1,877 dresses and distributed 1,836.
Living and Sewing to Serve is what I do!
Email me: rhneehicks@yahoo.com

Texas (Nacona)

I live in a tiny town in North Texas a short distance from the Red River. A dear friend started a DAG group in Gainesville and we decided to expand westward. We are one group with two meeting places. We sew dresses in Nocona, TX on the first and third Monday every month. A lady in our group has started using the small scraps to make lap quilts for a local nursing home. God is blessing people exponentially through Dress a Girl.
Email Me: elizabethdstrickler@gmail.com
Join us on FaceBook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/416997398660687/


TX (West Columbia)

My name is Laura Cole and I am sew excited to be a part of this group!  I live in in a wonderful small town south of Houston, near the coast.  I am married to an amazing man; we have two awesome teenage boys; and I have an inspiring sister who sews blankets for sick children along with dresses for DAG.  I became involved with DAG through church - Bethel Presbyterian - when our women's group began sewing dresses in 2012.  Since then we have expanded to include ladies from other churches and one gentleman (90 plus- our bias tape maker).  Our incredible group has now made over 1300 dresses.  If you have dresses, would like to sew, would like to join our group, would like to start a group or need dresses I would LOVE to talk with you!!  God is GREAT!!  Email:  lrcoleDAG@gmail.com



Dress-a-Girl-Around-the–World (Appleton, Wisconsin)
My name is Sandi . I have lived in the state of Wisconsin most of my life. Late in my husband’s career, he took a new job that took us to Kansas. It was there that I was introduced to Dress a Girl Around the World. I loved to sew dresses with dolls in the pockets for needy little girls. When our first batch of dresses was delivered by a missionary to an orphanage, the missionary returned requesting something for the boys to wear. So, we began to make simple shorts, placing toy cars in the pockets. Shortly after that, we began to sew baby blankets. I became passionate about the ministry. When my husband retired, we moved back to Appleton, Wisconsin, and I was determined to start a DAG group here. I have had donations of sewing machines, fabric, lace, and everything else I needed to start!  Some people sew in their own homes, and every Monday we have both a daytime session and an evening session in our home. The ministry takes up our entire basement, and my husband’s three work benches have been transformed into cutting tables! Come visit us sometime!   Contact Sandi: warsand2@gmail.com

Juanita--Southeastern Wisconsin!

"My husband and I both attended Sussex Hamilton and went to college in Wisconsin to become educators.  As teachers, we enjoy a vast number of hobbies and reaching out to others both in and out of the classroom.  We feel so grateful for each other and all that God has given us.

Currently, I teach kindergarten and enjoy my summers off.  During the school year I love involving my students in hands-on learning opportunities. This lead us to a class sewing project and a passion for community service. In the process, I learned about Dress A Girl Around The World and fell in love with their mission to help girls in need everywhere. 

I am excited to support others in the Waukesha County area as we use the skills God gave us to snip, sew and serve others.  Are you looking to get involved?  If so, please email me at juanitagutbrod@gmail.com or click on our local Facebook link at

I look forward to hearing from you soon."

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Juanita: juanitagutbrod@gmail.com