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 Dress a Girl Around the World

  Imagine a  world where every girl owned at least one dress

 "Welcome to Dress a Girl Around the World!"

We are recipients of Dresses from Dress a Girl Around the World!  We would love to lead you through what it's like to receive a special dress and to help you understand what girls around the world really need.

We want dignity and to know that God loves us! We want to know that we are worthy of love. Many of us are overlooked and often abused with no one to protect us.

When you give God's best dresses, know that for many of us it will be the only new dress we ever own. Please make your very best using quality fabric and ties, as they need to last us a very long time. And PLEASE when you give your dress make sure that it is not so thin that it looks as though we are wearing a nightgown. Our bodies need to be covered and often our skin shows through a thin dress and it is very revealing. We ask that you use a good, sturdy cotton fabric as we are no longer using pillowcases.

Please help protect us from predators by allowing us to wear a good quality dress with the Dress a Girl label on the outside. The label indicates that an organization is looking after us and just maybe a predator will pass us over! Isn't it worth the extra time and effort? Even if it just saves one of us?

Dress a Girl Around the World provides patterns, ways to be involved and opportunities for you to deliver or to help fund the delivery of dresses to girls around the world.

People from all over are forming groups and sewing simple sun dresses for Hope 4 Women International. There are teams and partners distributing these dresses around the world. 

To date we've delivered over 300,000 dresses to 81 countries. See the list of countries under our home tab.

People from all States, Canada, Uganda, the UK, Philippines, Australia, Sweden, Costa Rica, South Africa, Germany, Norway, Okinawa, Japan, and Hong Kong continue to make dresses. Together we really are dressing the girls around the world. 

We attach this label to the outside all of our dresses before we send them out to girls around the world.

Dress A Girl Around The World
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