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Hosting An Event

1.  Plan where to hold your event. 

Do you want a small group of friends in your home?

Do you want to hold it at your church, club or school and invite a large group?


2. Invite friends and neighbors.

Ask them to bring sturdy cotton fabric, trim, double-wide bias tape, elastic, sewing machines, irons and ironing boards.


3.  Print Guidelines from this website.

4.  Make up  signs for labeling stations:  Pocket cutting, kit making, etc


5. Order Dress a Girl labels or print iron-on labels from template.


6. Choose pattern/patterns from which you will be making dresses.

On the Day of the Event

1.  Set up tables, have power cords available for sewing machines. Have one or more irons and ironing boards (depending upon the size of your group)


2. Set up stations for cutting fabric, sewing, ironing, making dress kits.  


3. Hang already made quality dress examples or  photos of girls wearing our dresses (you can find many photos in our gallery!)


4.  Go over your checklist:

  • Irons & Ironing Boards?

  • Fabric?

  • Bias Tape, Elastic

  • Power Cords?

  • Station Info?

  • Snacks/Water?


5. Don't forget to pray! Your ministry belongs to God and we can do nothing without relying on Him!

6.  Now relax and have fun.  


  • Think about the precious girls who will be receiving these dresses!

  • Celebrate as each dress is completed (Ring a bell and applaud every finished dress! 

  • Show a video from Dress a Girl Around the World!

  • Encourage everyone to give her best!

  • Please allow your guests the opportunity to donate to Dress a Girl so we can continue to dress girls around the world. Guests can write their tax-deductible check to Hope 4 Women International and write "dress a girl" in the memo. 

  • Share the information on Dress a Girl and Hope 4 Women International. We will send you fliers, etc upon request.

  • Turn completed dresses into your area Ambassador for distribution.  If you do not have an Ambassador in your area, send your completed dresses (and please add at least $1 per dress to help defray our costs) to


Hope 4 Women International

P.O. Box 14

Forest City, IA 50436

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