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Thank you so much for your willingness to help little girls around the world own a dress!  


*****Before you begin to sew a dress*****


PLEASE check with your local ambassador to see what type of dresses they accept.  Each of our local 'chapters' is semi-autonomous in that each ambassador knows what type of dresses will work for the missions to whom they send.  Therefore it is extremely important to check with the ambassador first.  Some missions require dress patterns with sleeves, some don't; some missions require a certain length; some missions are in cooler climates, some in warm.  Each ambassador is responsible for sending dresses, so she knows what type of dresses her missions need, so it is VITAL to check with her before sewing and/or sending dresses to her.

Find your nearest ambassador here.

If you do not find an ambassador near you, you may choose to purchase a dress kit from us Here and then return that finished dress to us (address will be included in the kit).

Ambassadors accept different types of dresses, but these commercial patterns will be accepted by MOST ambassadors: Please check with your ambassador :) 

 You can read our dress guidelines HERE

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